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Bayonets for sale!

Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:33 pm
by FamilyFirearms
Ok, there is no secret that I am NOT a bayonet expert. If I labeled anything wrong or you know more than I, correct me! I described them best I can and payment info can be forund in the corresponding link labeled so.

I will not ship out of country.

If you can't own it where you are or you are not old enough, guess what, don't buy it!

PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING, Which will be actual cost.

We will be listing reloading stuff, guns, accessories and stuff as I can.

These will be going with us to the gunshow July 22/23 I will mark the ones sold there and give it another week after then they go to eBay.

IMG_5580.JPG (1.16 MiB) Viewed 6480 times
Number 1
Enfield No4 bayonet with scabbard and frog $30

Number 2
YUGO M48 or 24/47 mauser. Bayonet and frog are in unissued condition and grip is beautiful. $70 SOLD

Number 3
YUGO M48 or 24/47 mauser. Bayonet is in unissued condition. $65 SOLD

Number 4
Czech 24? The VZ23 scabbard missing both rivets and has one screw, the blade was shortened to 23 length? bayonet sharpened $35
More pics ... ehDndJwynG
IMG_5588.JPG (1.11 MiB) Viewed 6480 times
Number 5
Model 1909 argentine parade Bayonet , matching scabbard two small pitting spots one on each side under chrome, one small spot surface rust on scabbard some very minor bluing loss due to use, otherwise very good plus condition $150

More pics available

Number 6
Enfield model 1907 Bayonet made by Wilkinson sword and also marked Pall Mall. Three dates of issue original date of 1912 blade excellent condition, grip VG condition, scabbard very good $130

More pics available

Number 7
Argentine model 1909 bolo knife. Excellent condition matching scabbard ,minor dent in end scabbard (see pics) otherwise beautiful bayonet $225

More pics of these bayonets are here ... VuaSPRtZe6
IMG_5606.JPG (1.3 MiB) Viewed 6480 times
Number 8
Turkish M 38 Bayonet, Turkish writing for a date on the blade, has Turkish moon, AS.FA plus a star on the pommel ,serial number on the cross guard and good condition. $30

More pics available

Number 9
Swiss K 31 bayonet made by Elsener Schwyz, two minor dents in grip usual bluing loss on scabbard but otherwise a very nice bayonet $60

Number 10
RE PRODUCTION Finnish M 39 Bayonet handle slightly rough production otherwise near new condition $70. SOLD

More pics available

Number 11
Fabrica De Toledo 1893 model no scabbard good plus condition $40

More pics of these bayonets are here ... 0nlxrdLwQ5
IMG_5618.JPG (1.48 MiB) Viewed 6480 times
Number 12
Early AK-47 Bayonet, excellent condition with minor storage ware $40

Number 13
M-16 KCB-77 wire cutter knife/bayonet made by Eickhorn in Solingen Germany, correct purple blade, has in and out of sheath wear plus somebody used to wire cutter otherwise VG+ condition. Hard to find $80

More pics available

Number 14
M1 Garand bayonet made by AKI (American Korean industries) in Korea for the M1 Garand has a USM81 PWH scabbard (made at the Pennsylvania working House for the blind), bayonet is near unissued condition, scabbard is excellent condition. $65

More pics available here ... P1Qb5EC0Gp
IMG_5630.JPG (1.45 MiB) Viewed 6480 times
Number 15
M-16 bayonet manufacture for Colt Hartford Connecticut USA in Solingen Germany . It has the correct German scabbard both Bayonet and scabbard are in unissued condition, hard to find with correct scabbard. $70

More pics available

Number 16
US M4 M1 carbine bayonet made by Imperial. Scabbard made by VP co. Scabbard is very good plus condition Bayonet is in very good condition for its age, one spot of rust on blade that was cleaned and looks like behind the hilt was repaired by epoxy or made that way I am not sure. $130

More pics available

Number 17
M1 Garand Bayonet (assumed to be made by Utica Cutlery) cut down and modified to be a trench/fighting knife and to fit in a USM8A1 scabbard. Scabbard is Mark PWH (Pennsylvania working house of the blind) and is in excellent condition knife itself is in good plus condition for what it is. $65

More pics available here ... Y52Dx3yOSA

Number 18
US M14 German contract Bayonet with TWB USM8A1 scabbard. Bayonet it's only marked US M6 it is in excellent condition with some sharpening wear to one side ( see pics), is a newer made Bayonet, scabbard is in very good condition $65

More pics available here ... 5ZnSVdxAqv

Re: Bayonets for sale!

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 3:46 pm
by FamilyFirearms
Bayonets are heading to the gunshow this weekend! I will update what sells there.

Re: Bayonets for sale!

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:01 pm
by FamilyFirearms
List updated!