G33/40 wood

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G33/40 wood

Post by M67 »

I have possibility to get G33/44. All matching remaining parts because bubba hunter unfortunatelly had a party!

I dont want it so uggly except if I got a nice wooden parts. Is there any possibility to get a nice G33/40 stock? :doh:
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Re: G33/40 wood

Post by indy1919a4 »

There is a couple of stocks right now out on Gunbroker and e-bay in the 250 to 200 range..

This one has been relisted at a lower price now

https://www.ebay.com/itm/German-Mauser- ... SwAThcDZ8t

Here is one that has been kicking around on gunbroker ans has been relisted


AS a reference to what has actually sold here was a nice stock with some hardware that sold in the 350 range..


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