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Lee Enfield No 5

Alan De Enfield
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Re: Lee Enfield No 5

#31 Post by Alan De Enfield » Sun Jan 28, 2018 4:10 am

Austrian Police Enfield Marking.jpg
Lee Enfields were certainly issued to the Austrian Gendarm after the war, there are many examples showing the 'Police' markings

I don't think the rifle is 'fake', to be a fake it has to be a 'made-up' rifle that isn't a No5 pretending to be a No5. I'm sure it is a correct No5 but has 'had work done to it' in the civilian market.

I simply posted the Germanic fonts to show that both the 4 & the 6 are potentially standard Germanic fonts, they are certainly not UK fonts.
I don't think the idea of it being a 'Rack-Number' stands scrutiny - the rack-number is so that the 'storekeeper' can see each rifle at a distance when it is in the racks, can easily locate a specific rifle, and can see 'if one is missing', if the small 46 was a rack number it would need to have very close inspection of the rifle to see it, and they may just as well have used the individual serial number.

If the paint is not on the barrel underneath the furniture then it is definitely not the work of the military - the whole ethos of painting the metalwork was to protect the metal from the dampness collecting under the wood - firstly by coating in petroleum jelly, and then as we know, subsequently by paint.

The 2.222 is the 303 cartridge length and is part of the UK civilian proof testing, it should also have (under the paint ?) 18.5 tonnes per square inch and either BNP or NP. The fact the paint is OVER THE TOP of civilian stampings proves that the paint was applied after it left service.

You say that there are no import marks, but then go on to say that it is marked 'England'. That is the USA import mark to comply with the pre-1968 US Import regulations.

It would be interesting to see the makers marks (model, factory, year and serial number), if it was (say) a 1947 then that would certainly put paid to any idea that the 46 was the year.
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Re: Lee Enfield No 5

#32 Post by PhilRich » Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:17 pm

The manufactures date stamped on the left side is 1945.

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