Bad extractor cut on an Ishapore 2A1?

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Bad extractor cut on an Ishapore 2A1?

Post by Skeet792 »

Long story short, I ended up with a whole bunch of spare 2A1 Enfield parts, and decided to pick up a barreled receiver and put together a complete rifle.

It took me a little bit to get to it, but I noticed that there's a circular ridge inside the extractor cut, which I haven't ever seen on any other 2A1s. The bolt won't close with the extractor on due to the blockage.

I'm assuming this is no good, and maybe this was some way India marked them for Drill Purposes? I suppose I could try to hit it with a file or a dremel, but I really don't like that idea too much.

Anyone seen something like this before?

included a picture and circled it in yellow.
Bad Extractor.jpg
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Re: Bad extractor cut on an Ishapore 2A1?

Post by INGarand »

Hard to tell from the photo, looked at mine and the cut is tapered down away from the chamber. A little clean up couldn't hurt. Try a little at a time.

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Re: Bad extractor cut on an Ishapore 2A1?

Post by englishman_ca »

I have seen similar of Sht.LE rifles. My guess is that somebody fitted an extractor from the long Lee series of rifles. The extractor has a taller tip and a steeper angle than that of a Sht.LE or 2A1. When the bolt is brought up to battery, the extractor claw is supposed to cam away from the rim as it travels up the extractor ramp.

What happens with a long Lee extractor entering a Sht.LE or 2A1 extractor ramp is that the tip of the extractor claw touches land first as opposed to the cam face. It then digs into the metal of the slot. Whoever is trying to close the bolt then takes another run at it and trys to slam the bolt shut a couple of times. Often they will succeed in closing the bolt and a gouged sliver of metal is shaved off the ramp leaving a divot..

The result is a cut in the extractor slot exactly in the way that you show. The curved tip of an extractor made that curved groove.

Fixable? Yes, make sure that you have the correct extractor for your 2A1 and then dress the slot with a needle file. Just remove the edge of burr, the groove left behind will be fine as the correct extractor will slide over and past it.

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