Sako M39

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Sako M39

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Hey all. Been a little bit since I posted. Figured I'd give my last 2017 acquisition a show. 1942 Sako M39. Haven't torn it all the way down yet, so don't know which receiver it was built on. Seems to be an older hex... It has the divot where the imperial crest would have been. Wartime stock. One repair spot. As far as I can tell it's a matched rifle. Bore isn't perfect. There's some wear, and some old shallow pits. I'm pretty happy with it. Previous owner put a piece of tape on the butt with its favorite surplus food (Czech light ball).
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Re: Sako M39

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only the second day of the new year and i'm already jealous. that's a real hum-dinger
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Re: Sako M39

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Very impressive!


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Re: Sako M39

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Welcome too the M-39 Club, that is a very nice looking rifle...
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