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WTT: MINT 1969 Finnish M39 for a wartime M39

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WTT: MINT 1969 Finnish M39 for a wartime M39

#1 Post by TheDanishMan » Sun Mar 08, 2020 12:39 pm

Hello, up for trade is my mint 1969 Finnish M39 "Sneak" Rifle, for a wartime Finnish M39 in EQUAL condition.

My 1969 Finnish M39 was only 1 of only a few thousand/around 3,000 "late date" M39's that were ever made. Even better is the one I got still had its storage grease in the bolt, meaning it was manufactured/assembled and never used(unissued). Everything about it is original military finish and configuration. It has a pristine PLUM colored barrel(and bore), pristine bluing, and perfect wood finish and is overall an incredible rifle that is highly desired among collectors in this date range. It has no maker on the receiver as many of them made in this time didn't.

One thing you may notice is the lighter color. It was sanded by the Fins and finished with one of their proprietary finishes. It IS original, although you do not see many like this. It also has some very sound arsenal repairs in the stock, that really only adds to the history and interest of this rifle.

I love it this rifle, but my collection is centered on the ww2 era, and I would prefer an M39 with a 1940's date, and am looking for a trade in equal condition. There were quite a few M39's made in the 40's that also were never issued and are in as good of a condition as this one. I will settle for no less. When classic firearms offered these a few years ago they offered many that were wartime unissued, and that IS what I am looking for.

The ones I am most interested in are the VKT ones they offered in unissued condition. The date will probably be 44 or 45. But I will look at whatever you have.

Mine came with a Mint sling, cleaning rod, and muzzle protector, and will only part with these if yours comes with them too.

Show me what you have, and we very well may come to an agreement.

If you are local in Boise, Idaho, we can meet in person. But of course will ship to anywhere in the 48.

(I have a more established presence on gunboards dot com, with a few successful transactions. TheDanishMan is my username there too.)
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Re: WTT: MINT 1969 Finnish M39 for a wartime M39

#2 Post by Phantom 778 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 6:35 pm

Beautiful Rifle! I have a 1942 VKT! But it does not meet your requirements. Mine is in actual wartime condition. Best of luck!
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