yugo shooting high

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Re: yugo shooting high

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I did check with my calipers and the old sight was 5.1mm and the new one was 6.9mm. I had thought I got one tall enough that I thought I might have to file down some, but apparently not. Groups also got a little tighter that I contribute to being a square post instead of the inverted 'V' style.
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Re: yugo shooting high

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KySwiss wrote: Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:09 pm So, I finally got my Swedish 7mm front sight and installed it. went to the range and only had tie for 5 rounds at 25 and 5 at 50. both shot POA!! There was no change in elevation like there was with original sight. WTH! Don't understand why there would be same POI at 25 and 50 with new front sight, but a 6 to 7 inch difference with original. Don't get me wrong, I am loving how it is shooting now! Just weird.
Your not going to see a change in elevation because you brought the front sight up to the POI.

5.1mm to 6.9mm is some difference in height and I can see that making that large of a difference in POI at 25 and 50 yds. . glad you got her fixed and shooting to where you like it.
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Re: yugo shooting high

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