'98 Krag at 200,385 and 500 meters report

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'98 Krag at 200,385 and 500 meters report

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I held a match yesterday at our AR500 man hidden in a bunker at 200 meters, and AR550 Man Torso target at 385 meters and NRA turkeys at 500 meters. Weather was cold/cool with 10 MPH constant wind.
I was using my handloads using Reloader-15 and pulled Russian cup-base lead core 150 grain .310 Spitzer bullets ( see above post)
The rifle has a very nice trigger pull and feeding the Spitzer rounds was smooth as silk with no hang-ups.
The 200 meter target was hit with the sight leaf folded down and a Dead On hold used. All rounds hit center in the target if I did my part. Just too easy.
With the leaf folded up and the slider at the bottom the 385 target was held in the lower center of the sight and all rounds hit the target.
At 500 meters, due to our elevation and thin air,plus the 150 vs 220 grain bullet, the elevator leaf was set to 400 yards and a six-o-clock hold was used to hit the targets. I was concerned that the slow moving bullet (2,300 FPS) would not have enough transmitted energy to knock the 50 pound ram off of the rail-road rail.
It did. All went down with authority.
Now that I found my rifle will not shoot any .308 bullet with any accuracy, I will try my stash of .310/.311 bullets to see what weight and metplath shape it really likes.
I only neck size the reloads to increase case life and so far so good. After initial fire-forming the rounds load with only slight bolt force needed sealing the breech very well.
As our weather calms down and the wind goes away in a month or so, I will try the rifle at 800 yards.
So, slug your bore and see if your rifle has a .310 bore. If so, try the larger bullet diameter. I was amazed how the groups shrank by more than 60%.
I hope some day you guys can come out here and shoot with us. Shooting an old warhorse at ranges farther than 100 yards is so much fun!
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