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PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2006 10:30 pm 
Mil-Surp Psychosis
Mil-Surp Psychosis
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I loaded up some Lee 200 grain gas check cast bullets into Nazi surplus 8 x 56R brass over 15 grains of REX2 powder ( same burning rate as Green Dot ) I placed the target at 100 meters this time to check for initial grouping and barrel fouling. I had lubed the Bullets with LEE Alox and was surprised how well the lube worked. The heat from the burning powder vaporized the lube and a fine coat was left for the whole barrel length. Recoil was more than you'd think but not bad at all. The shot's report was very mild. Same as a .22 Mag being fired. The Lee 200 grain .330 bullet preformed very well. I will need to up the load or change to a different powder for 200 meter or further shooting due to bullet drop. Velocity was around 1,600 fps.

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I need to find reloading data for the 150gr, 175gr and 200gr bullets using IMR 4064. I have a little data from the Lee reloading dies, most of it is from other powder companies though. Please help. I really want to go bang bang with this rifle tomorrow.


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Bullet Speer re-sized BulletWeight 250 grs Powder IMR 4064 PowderWeight 51 grs Primer Brass Make Barrel Length (inches) C.O.L (inches) Velocity 2320 fps Group (inches by 3 shot at 100 yds)
This is a max loading for the long rifle.

<if> <endif>48.5 gr of IMR4350 with a 200 gr Hornady ( re-sized )and CCI primer. Very accurate. Middle of the road loading. 55.0 grains is the max loading. Be carful and work up.

I really did not like the results using this powder. There was a lot of unburnt powder in the carbine.

I don’t have any loads for a lighter bullet.


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I took the M95 long rifle out today and tried an old classic loading of the 8x56R round using IMR-3031. I used Speer 200 grain flat base soft point bullets resized to .330. The charge listed was 45 grains. This fills the case to the bottom of the case neck. When the bullet is seated, you obtain 100% powder density loading. Recoil was equal to surplus ammo and accuracy was very good, I'd say as good as the Nazi stuff. The bore showed no signs of copper fouling and was easy to clean up. The point of impact was close to the sight settings,if not just a little high. I tried this load in my carbine with mixed results. While fun to shoot, the bore of my carbine is over-sized and not too accurate at all. So much for hand picked. Next time I'll try Reloader-15 and see how it works out.


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Bullet sizer showed up while I was on the road and I had to try the device as soon as I got home tonight. I have to say I am very pleased with the quality of this bullet sizing die and the ease of use. I will say this up front that you do not want to use the Lee sizing lube on jacketed bullets. While it will work, it may cause dents and be hard to remove. I'm using the Hornandy " UNIQUE " case lube. This is a paste lube in a plastic tub. If you have not used this product, you need to. The smallest finger wipe on the surface of the lube with you finger will be enough lube to size any casing or bullet. One tub has lasted me 10 years. I lubed the .338 Hornandy 200 grain Interlock bullet and had a try. With the same amount of pressure as resizing a large caliber rifle casing, the bullet was squeezed down from .338 to .328.5". There is NO sign of core movement or a damaged bullet jacket. I was able to re-size 50 bullets in 10 minutes. I use the Bonanza " Co-Ax " reloading press. This press has been my work horse since 1969. So, if you don't have access to the new Hornandy .329 bullets, or want to pay the shipping on one box from whomever, try this LEE sizing die. O yea, Sportsman Warehouse sells the Hornandy .338 200 grain bullets for $15.95 a hundred. I'll be buying in bulk soon from Graf's & Son's.Have fun.



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Ive got a box of the 175 grain .329 bullets but im not sure what is a good load for them. The 303 british with the 174 grainer at 2450fps was a great round so if i can come close to that i would be happy.For powders i have IMR-3031,4064,4320,4895,4198 and H-335,BL-C(2), with the lee die i have it says 46 grains of BL-C(2) gives you 2460 about...any ideas where to start would be great.


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I use between 40gr and 45gr of IMR3031 with a 205gr bullet so 45gr might be a good start with a 175gr bullet. It should fill the case pretty well and the pressure will be lower with the lighter bullet.


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Here is some info for you:
2.20" case lenght
3.02" OAL w/208 gr. spitzer BT
Some load data is courtesy of Lee Precision Inc. and other contributions
from members. * indicates Lee precision.
Thanks to all.

125 gr. bullet, 37.7 gr. H4198 max 42.0 gr. 3054 fps*
125 gr. bullet, 49.4 gr. H380 max 55.0 gr. 2909 fps*
125 gr. bullet, 52.1 gr. H414 max 58.0 gr. 2893 fps*
125 gr. bullet, 45.8 gr. H335 max 51.0 gr. 2891 fps*
125 gr. bullet, 42.2 gr. H322 max 47.0 gr. 2840 fps*
125 gr. bullet, 45.8 gr. 4895 max 51.0 gr. 2796 fps*
125 gr. bullet, 44.9 gr. BL-C(2) max 50.0 gr. 2789 fps*
125 gr. bullet, 41.9 gr. Reloder15 max 46.8 gr. 2760 fps*
125 gr. bullet, 40.9 gr. Reloder12 max 45.0 gr. 2720 fps*
125 gr. bullet, 50.3 gr. H450 max 56.0 gr. 2509 fps*
125 gr. bullet, 48.5 gr. H4350 max 54.0 gr. 2480 fps*
125 gr. bullet, 53.0 gr. Accur4350 max 53.0 gr. 2418 fps*
125 gr. bullet, 53.0 gr. Accur3100 max 53.0 gr. 2185 fps*
125 gr. bullet, 54.5 gr. Accur8700 max 54.5 gr. 1788 fps*

150 gr. bullet, 36.8 gr. H4198 max 41.0 gr. 2848 fps*
150 gr. bullet, 48.5 gr. H380 max 54.0 gr. 2778 fps*
150 gr. bullet, 50.3 gr. H414 max 56.0 gr. 2773 fps*

170 gr. bullet, 44.0 gr. H4895
170 gr. bullet, 41.3 gr. H4895 max 46.0 gr. 2501 fps*
170 gr. bullet, 47.6 gr. H414 max 53.0 gr. 2586 fps*
170 gr. bullet, 39.5 gr. H322 max 44.0 gr. 2555 fps*
170 gr, bullet, 44.0 gr. H380 max 49.0 gr. 2509 fps*
170 gr. bullet, 48.5 gr. H4350 max 54.0 gr. 2507 fps*

185 gr. bullet, 26.0 gr, XMP-5744

198 gr. bullet, 46.0 gr. 3031--2310 fps

200 gr. bullet, 40.7 gr. Accur 4350 max 44.0 gr. 2039 fps*
200 gr. bullet, 49.0 gr. Accur 3100 max 49.0 gr. 1980 fps*
200 gr. bullet, 54.5 gr. Accur 8700 max 54.5 gr. 1692 fps*

205 gr. bullet, 13.5 gr. Red Dot

206 gr. bullet, 45.0 gr. 3031--2300 fps

215 gr. bullet, 13.0 gr. Unigue 1400 fps

220 gr. bullet, 46.0 gr. Accur 3100 max 49.2 gr. 1946 fps*
220 gr. bullet, 39.4 gr. Accur 4350 max 42.0 gr. 1906 fps*
220 gr. bullet, 51.5 gr. Accur 8700 max 51.5 gr. 1512 fps*

225 gr. bullet, 51.2 gr. H4831 max 57.0 gr. 2346 fps*
225 gr. bullet, 44.9 gr. H414 max 50.0 gr. 2342 fps*
225 gr. bullet, 41.3 gr. H380 max 46.0 gr. 2285 fps*
225 gr. bullet, 41.3 gr. H4350 max 46.0 gr. 2221 fps*
225 gr. bullet, 44.0 gr. H450 max 49.0 gr. 2145 fps*

While at the rifle range today, I popped off quite a few 8x56R rounds in
a newly-acquired M95.

One thing I will have to keep my eye on is the performance of ammo using
jacketed bullets that have been re-sized from .338 down to .330. There
has been some talk of bullet jacket/lead core deformation that can take
place during the re-sizing operation. I get enough weird, random
velocity anomalies of 100 to 200 fps when using such bullets to make me
think that some of this is due to bullet performance that has been
affected by re-sizing. These anomalies do not show up when using Hornady
205 gr. .330 bullets made to original size.

Here is some data:

205 gr. Hornady spire point .330 bullet
48.0 gr. IMR 4350
Fed 210 primer
Graf case
Average muzzle velocity 1896
Standard deviation 22.72
Accurate and pleasant to shoot

205 gr. Hornady spire point .330 bullet
35.0 gr. milsurp IMR 4895
Fed 210 primer
Graf case
Avg. muzzle velocity 1529
Standard deviation 11.26
Very accurate light load for jacketed bullet

225 gr. Hornady spire point .338 bullet re-sized to .330
46.5 gr. Norma N205
Fed 210 primer
Modified .45-70 case reformed to 8x56R
Avg. muzzle velocity 1865
Standard deviation 8.88
Acceptable accuracy and not unpleasant to shoot

200 gr. Hornady spire point .338 bullet re-sized to .330
48.0 gr. Norma N205
Fed 210 primer
Graf case
Avg. muzzle velocity 1944
Standard deviation 28.50
Acceptable accuracy and not unpleasant to shoot

Same data as above, except substitute Speer 200 gr. spitzer .338 bullet
re-sized to .330.
Avg. muzzle velocity 2008
Standard deviation 26.38
Acceptable accuracy and not unpleaseant to shoot.
I include this data to illustrate the difference that substitution of a
bullet brand can make.

A note on Norma N-205 powder. It is no longer made, but I have some
still on hand. It has been replaced in the Norma product line with Norma
MRP powder. N-205 is between N-204 and MRP in speed. If you look at the
powder charts, you will see that N-205 is right in there in the thick of
the 4831 powders as to speed. I don't think you can get enough of one of
these slow powders packed into the case of an 8x56R to blow it up. At
around 2000 fps, you are still under the original factory muzzle
velocity by 200 fps or more.

I did some work with 8x56R and two of the Alliant "Re-loder" powders,
but I wasn't satisfied with the results. However, with both powders I
used re-sized bullets so that introduces an extra area of wonder to the mix.

Hornady 200 gr. .338 spire point bullet resized to .330
32.0 gr. RL-15
Fed 210 primer
Graf case
Avg. muzzle velocity 1638
Standard deviation 19.42
Accuracy acceptable; light jacketed bullet load, perhaps too light.
Occasional random extremes in deviation from spread.

Hornady 225 gr. spire point .338 bullet resized to .330
46.0 gr. RL-22
CCI 250 primer
Graf case
Avg. muzzle velocity in the 1925 fps range.
Accuracy so-so; no standard deviation given because of random extremes
in spread.

When using jacketed bullets, I have started to concentrate on slower
burning propellants for a couple of reasons. For one thing, they tend to
work better with heavier bullets such as the 8x56R was designed to work
with. For another, even in full charges they tend to have reduced recoil
over the faster powders. For lighter loads with heavy jacketed bullets,
I have used IMR 4895 because of its known flexibility. Sometime soon, I
will work up a jacketed bullet reduced load using SR-4759.

The usual caveats of caution apply. Be sure your rifle is safe to shoot,
use safe reloading practices and common sense, your rifle is different
from my rifle, etc. etc.

tedmn Field Editor
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Anyone reload for the 8x56R round? I can't find anything more than a few loads using 3031 powder.

I'd like to use something that I have on hand, like 4895 or 4064...

Anyone use a different powder?


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I've used only IMR3031 between 40 and 45 grains with Hornady .330 205gr SP.

Lee Dies come with load data. What size bullet are you using?

200 grain jacketed:

accur 4350 40.7gr - 44.0gr

accur 3100 49.0gr - 49.0gr

accur 8700 54.5gr - 54.5gr

170gr bullets are the heaviest for IMR4895 and IMR4064

IMR4895: 30.1gr - 33.5gr

IMR4064: 31.5gr - 35.0gr

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 9:36 pm 
Mil-Surp Shooter
Mil-Surp Shooter

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where are ya'll finding these bullets. All I've found is the Horady 205gr. at 26 to 27.00 a hundred. from Graf and son.

I did order and I just got the 8mm lebel bullets. These seem to be pistol bullets. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 9:49 pm 
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TommyT casts a nice bullet in .330. Works good-at $8 a hundred.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 10:38 pm 
Mil-Surp Psychosis
Mil-Surp Psychosis
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Check with these are good bullets as well. A little pricey, but good none the less.


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