Truck Gun

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Truck Gun

Post by LEP »

I was never a fan of the AR/M16 platform due to my active duty experience, but I couldn't pass up building a couple once I came back from over 5 years in the mideast. The prices had been ridiculous.
So, I decided to build a 'truck' gun. Something that could be used by anyone-righty or lefty, was weather resistant, didn't snag on stuff, etc.
My question: have you run across economical variations that are better than the parts I used? Haven't gotten an ambi charging handle, yet.
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Re: Truck Gun

Post by Rapidrob »

Nice job. I'm always amazed how well they shoot.
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Re: Truck Gun

Post by Tuna »

The market is saturated with AR rifles now. In fact you can put together a stand AR for around $400 for everything. Nothing fancy but they work just fine.

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