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MAS 49/56 adjustable gas valve.

Les Fusils Semi-Automatiques Militaires Français, Mle.1917,MAS 44, 49, 49/56 et FAMAS
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MAS 49/56 adjustable gas valve.

#1 Post by Rex_in_OTZ » Wed Mar 20, 2019 8:45 pm

My procrastination had cost me a couple chances to aquire an adjustable gas valve for my Century 7.62 converted MAS 49/56 in the past.
Like the converted 20 round FAL magazines.
So this time after some foot dragging I had a lead on a adjustable gas valve and Id better not pass this by!

It arrived today, I'll have to prep the rifle first.
It still needs the front sight straightened.

Here is the allen wrench adjustable gas valve.
$40 (includes the postage)
This should tame down that nasty flinging my brass into the next township!

It took about two weeks snail mail my order from Alaska to Tennessee and the new valve back.
That beats some Amazon orders! :mrgreen:

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