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FAL Rifle thread pitch sizes (Sticky from old site)

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FAL Rifle thread pitch sizes (Sticky from old site)

#1 Post by Kevinofborg » Thu Jul 13, 2017 1:39 pm

Rapidrob on 12/17/2017:

Here are the most common screw pitch sizes you may encounter on Metric and Inch FAL type rifles. Feel free to ad any that may have been missed.

Bbl to receiver: 1X16 tpi, inch and metric; Israeli, metric thread, chase with 1"x16 die.

Screw for mag release and BHO. 10X32

Pistol grip stud/nut 1/4X28 tpi (metric)

Buttstock double threaded nut; female 1/4X28 tpi; male 9/16X24

Handguard screw 1-1/4" long 10X32 Screw

Front sling swivel screw and rear sight windage screws #8X40

Pivot bolt. 1/4X32

Metric Front Sight Pin thread US #12X28

STG front sight (some variations) #12 (7/32)X28

STG58 Col. Stoll Flash Hider/Barbed wire cutter 9/16x24 TPI left hand thread

Gas tube exterior thread, metric and inch 17/32X36

Gas block interior, metric and inch 17/32X36

Rear support cap, metric and inch 9/16X24

L1A1 wooden grip that holds on the the popcycle stick it's a #8X36 SAE Screw

L1A1 Pistol Grip Screw is a 1/4X28 slotted round head screw 1-1/4" long and uses a lock washer.

Hex/Allen head screw is also correct. Designation is UNF2A 1/4X1-1/4".

The washer is replaced with "Washer, lock, Steel, flat, internal teeth, 1/4" ID 15/32 OD X .026" and goes between the head and the other washer - BA steel #0

Angle of Commonwealth front sight is 5 degrees forward

Commonwealth front sight #10x40

Inch butt screws are 2.5" for extra Long and Long (EL, L) 2" for medium (M), and 1.5" for short (S)

Ironwood L1A1 buttstock requires 1/4X20 1 1/4" long

Inch for the flash hiders is 9/16 x24 RH.

Belgium Long flash suppressor screw (.335" long, .192" slot head) # 8X40
Israeli HBAR coupler and muzzle 11/16X24

Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club '70-72

infidel on 10/12/2008:
anyone know the TP for a metric FAL flash hider?

Burner 10/13/2008:

9/16x24 TPI left hand thread

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Re: FAL Rifle thread pitch sizes (Sticky from old site)

#2 Post by S.B. » Sun Dec 23, 2018 9:22 am

I recently acquired a Chilean kit and the long flash suppressor screw was gone, went to Ace and tried different screws they had the and the no. 4 metric fit? Went in with only hand/no wrench.

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