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Load For 8mm Lebel Revolver

Les Révolvers et Pistolets de Militaires Français, Mle.1873, 1892, 1935, Unique, Ruby, et alia
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Load For 8mm Lebel Revolver

#1 Post by SWIHARTMARK » Sun Sep 02, 2018 6:11 pm

I had two squibs using Graf's .330 diameter FMJ bullets using 3.1 grains of Unique powder so I upped the charge to 3.5-3.7 grains and it shot fine today. I used 32-20 Winchester cases with the rim trimmed to spec and the case shortened to spec along with the inside diameter of the brass expanded to spec. I cycled 20 rounds through the revolver without a hitch, so I would say the load works. Sorry, no range report with a picture of a plastered target, but maybe next time. I was just happy to be rid of squibs. Further more, I found the pistol a true joy to shoot as it was.

Mechanically I did notice that it doesn't lock up/line up until you pull the trigger all the way back. It definitely is not a Smith and Wesson, but its sights are rather advanced for their date of manufacture.

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