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CZ50 bore diameter

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CZ50 bore diameter

#1 Post by Rapidrob » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:58 am

The cast bullet mold showed up yesterday and I cast 250 bullets to try out in Elaine's CZ50 pistol. These 75 grain bullets drop from the mold at .3125 and I sized and lubed them to .311.
I decided to slug the bore hoping that it was not .312 or larger. Imagine my surprise when the slug measured .3085! And that was the average of 6 reading using two calipers and a micrometer just in case.No wonder the pistol is so accurate.
The "tight" bore would never be a problem with the thin jackets of any .32 ACP bullet and cast bullets could care less unless the alloy was too pure and leading was a problem.
The more she shoots the pistol ( new springs really made a huge difference) the more I really like the pistol and the cartridge.
What have you fellow members found in the way of bore diameters after slugging?
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