1945 Remington Rand Barrel and magazine question

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1945 Remington Rand Barrel and magazine question

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Hi all, new here to this forum and ready to learn. I've owned my Remington Rand M1911A1 for several years but have recently started looking into whether it's all original. The serial number 20694XX puts it in 1945 from what I have found. Everything seems original, except the magazine and possibly the barrel. The barrel is a darker black finish (but not a polished blueing) and is stamped "COLT 45 AUTO" next to the lug with a "P" stamped on the lug. I can't find anything stamped in front of the lug. The finish and stamping all look like examples of Colt barrels I've seen in earlier models. Does anyone know if they used Colt barrels that late in production? The condition overall is excellent, just some finish wear from storage and likely a holster. Everything matches nicely and is worn, or lack there of, evenly. Does anyone have any insight? I'll try to get some pictures the next time I have a day off with some good natural lighting. Thanks everyone.

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Re: 1945 Remington Rand Barrel and magazine question

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Welcome to the forum. Excellent question for your first post, BTW.

High Standard made the barrels for Remington Rand, Ithaca, and Union Switch & Signal. Those barrels have "HS" stamped on the right side of the barrel lug so they are very easy to identify. In late 1944 and early 1945 High Standard was having trouble supplying enough barrels. The Flannery Bolt Company was already making field replacement barrels and was tapped to provide some barrels for Remington Rand and Ithaca in new production 1911A1's. Flannery barrels have a "F" stamped on the right side of the lug. I have a 1944 Rem-Rand with a Flannery barrel.

To the best of my knowledge Colt barrels were never used in Remington Rand production, and I think the barrel you described is probably Colt production.

General Shaver was a division of Remington Rand and had a government contract to supply 1911 mags. Most RR 1911A1's were shipped with General Shaver magazines. GS mags can be identified by the weld seam on the magazine spine. Magazines got swapped a lot so any Scovil, Little, or Risdon barrel (marked S, L, or R on the mag floorplate toe) would be "correct" but probably not original.

If your RR is dark black it might be an arsenal refurb. All the original, non-refurb late war Remington Rands I have seen have the lighter greenish-gray zinc phosphate coating. The black phosphate coating uses manganese phosphate. Early RR's had a dull blued DuLite finish.

All of the above info and more can be found here: http://coolgunsite.com/ Click on the "ID PAGES" tab on the left side of the home page to get to the 1911 info. Although your frame's serial number dates to 1945 you will want to be sure that the slide is also correct. RR used 3 different types of slide markings. You can also find that info at Coolgunsite.com.


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