My Remington Sportsman (Model 11)

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My Remington Sportsman (Model 11)

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Yes, we need to see more Military shotguns here. I inherited this Remington Sportsman (Model 11) from my grandfather about 38 years ago. There are no military stamps in the wood, but there are US-Flaming Bomb stamps on the receiver and barrel.

The barrel is about 20.5 inches and totals about 24.25 inches with the Lyman Cutts compensator. The front of the receiver has a threaded hole on each side. I always figured that these were for some sort of gimble mount and used for aerial gunnery training based on things I've read.

The barrel code of CMM indicates that it was manufactured in April, 1943. I would have thought that the barrel might have originally been longer - I guess my grandfather could have shortened it? I see that it's marked "REP." which I've read is a Remington proof and test mark.

I disassembled it a couple of years back, bolt and all, to get many years of build-up out of everything but now it's in great shape and shoots very well. I keep the friction rings set for "compensator" as they should be.

Any thoughts and comments are welcome. So now I've shown you mine, let me see your military shotguns.

1RS_full.JPG (63.98 KiB) Viewed 5875 times
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Re: My Remington Sportsman (Model 11)

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Once,pretty common A very desirable US arm.. More can be learned from bruce CANFIELD S book on US shotguns

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