Photographing Waffenamts etc????

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Photographing Waffenamts etc????

Post by Bear »

I recently tried taking a few very close up pictures of my friend’s Mauser and JapaneseType 99 and was less than pleased with the results (to put it mildly). I took the pictures with a flashlight in one hand and iPhone 6S in the other. With my third hand, I tried to balance the rifle. You see my problem!!! I am open to any suggestions about how to get some very good, very closeup pictures of rifle and handgun markings. How do you do it? I have a pretty good Canon camera but not a macro lens. Also, I had considered some type of macro lens for the iPhone 6S.
Do you use a light box? Very open to suggestions. If you want to,feel feel to post some of your shots!! Thanks!

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Re: Photographing Waffenamts etc????

Post by shoot4fun »

Is it glare that you are having problems with? shine your flashlight through a plastic milk jug. make sure your background is not reflective. Don't use the flash or light on the phone, it is too close to the subject matter and will cause problems.
You can color fill the markings and it will make them much easier to photograph. many different methods out there for this. From using crayons, grease pencils, nail polish, model paints, etc. application and removal are possible with all of these and aren't that hard to do.

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Re: Photographing Waffenamts etc????

Post by Rapidrob »

Most cell phones today are VERY light sensitive. Using a flashlight on the subject is going to blind the phones sensor.
Use a light source at an angle to your subject. Make sure you are not casting a shadow on the subject the camera can see as it will try to average in this as well and ruin the exposure.
Use a dark back ground. An old Gray Scale card from the film days will really help your phones sensor average out the light much better.
Play with your phones setting for exposure. Many will allow you to alter the light and how it is processed.
Make sure you have a decent photo manipulation app on your phone. Gimp works very well and can be found for free.
Hold your camera/phone steady or by a holder.
If the markings are weak,highlight them with typing correction fluid or a paint pen from Wally World.
Here's a couple I just shot that shows you what you can do IF you think things through. The light is at an angle showing the markings well. The camera is steady. A photo editing program was used to enhance the exposure and the contrast just a little.
P38 markings zoomed in from three feet away:
P38A.jpg (361.12 KiB) Viewed 2755 times
Macro setting at 10 ":
P38B.jpg (497.87 KiB) Viewed 2755 times
Over exposed using a flash light blinding the sensor:
P38C.jpg (178.22 KiB) Viewed 2755 times
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