Calif. is at it again: C & R no- nos

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72 usmc
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Calif. is at it again: C & R no- nos

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Posted from a recent dealer on his page.
We have recently been contacted by the California Department of Justice been and informed that we can no longer ship ANY firearms classified as Curio & Relics to holders of a Class 03 Federal Firearms license in the state of California.

ALL C&R firearms sent to California MUST be shipped to a DEALER, so the state of California can collect state sales tax on the purchase price (and the transfer dealer can charge you anything they want for their "service").
So what good is a C & R in California? A real commie state that I am glad I left 40 years ago :snooty: :snooty:
To old to fight and to old to run, a Jar head will just shoot and be done with you.

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Tommy Atkins
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Re: Calif. is at it again: C & R no- nos

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Don't be jealous, "East Coast Cali" (MD) Is going to "Revisit Gun Control" (Yea, go .Gov "I see no need to make any changes to MD's firearms laws" Hogan) in '19.
Hmmm I wonder why?

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