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A DIY penetrating fluid tests as the BEST of the BEST!

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A DIY penetrating fluid tests as the BEST of the BEST!

#1 Post by DaleH » Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:33 pm

This DIY penetrating fluid is the BEST of the BEST, as the best penetrating oil one can use can't be bought ... but you can easily make it yourself as a DIY homemade mix. Kroil may be good, but this mix tests out to be TWICE as good! Just use a mix of 50% acetone and 50% automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

'Machinist Workshop Magazine" did a test on penetrating oils. Using nuts and bolts that they ‘scientifically rusted’ to a uniform degree by soaking in salt water, they then tested the break-out torque required to loosen the nuts. They treated the nuts with a variety of penetrants and measured the torque required to loosen them.

This is what they came up with:
  • Nothing: 516 lbs
  • WD-40: 238 lbs
  • PB Blaster: 214 lbs
  • Liquid Wrench: 127 lbs
  • Kano Kroil: 106 lbs
  • ATF/Acetone mix (50/50 mix): 50 lbs

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