Trigger Return Spring

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Trigger Return Spring

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My Finnish M24 is missing the trigger return spring, so I've looked online to find one, just to return it to Finnish standards per se. A lot of the spring kits I see for sale have a Sear Spring Shim aka washer with it.

Did the Fins use a sear spring shim? If not, does this still need installed? Is this a safety thing or does it serve some other purpose?

Also how close in appearance are the aftermarket ones compared to the originals? Haven't seen an original one for sale, and haven't seen an original one, that wasn't installed, making it hard to see how it really looks.

So any help is greatly appreciated.

After the trigger return spring, all I need is a Finnish M24 or M91 sling, and eventually a bayonet to complete it. I found an original M91 cleaning rod for it, and I understand that the handguard is something that was easily broke so many are missing them. So finding one of them is like finding Bigfoot!
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