Pitted Chamber & JB Weld

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Pitted Chamber & JB Weld

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Originally posted by BiggBlok & natlmatch.
I hope someone has some help for me with this . [-o<
I just finished putting together another box-o-parts gun I've had for a while and took it to the range today. It's a Enfield Ishapore 2a1 (wanabe) jungle carbine , no matching parts and a little corrosion in the chamber but the bore and metal are excellent . ( Before I put it all together I ran a large bore brush with a drill thru the chamber to clean and smooth it out ) Well I was only able to get one shot off , dead on at 50 yards but the case stuck in the chamber. I thought this might happen so I brought a wooden dowel with me just in case . It wouldn't budge , got it out when I got home with a brass cleaning rod ( WOW ) . The case has a perfect copy of the corrosion or pitting on the side of it . It's about 3/8 wide and 3/4 long and raised just enough to see that it's there .

My question to all the gun masters - Is there anything I can do to fix this problem , at least make it shootable ? Or is it possible to rechamber into another cal. ? Like I said before this is a nice little gun even for a box-o-parts and I'd hate to just give up on it now .
Well guys I went ahead and gave the JB Weld a try . Cleaned the chamber out with some brake cleaner and a brass bore brush . Put a wooden dowel down the bore with masking tape wrapped around the end closest to the chamber for a tight fit . ( So that none of the JB gets worked into the bore itself ) Then put a thin layer of JB in the chamber . Took a empty case , drilled and tapped the end so a cleaning rod with a T handle would screw into it . Inserted that into the chamber after the JB started to flash over a little , and gave it few turns to fill any voids . I did this three times until the JB started to harden up . Let it set over night then ran some steel wool on a wooden dowel in the chamber to take off any high spots . Next I took the empty case on the rod , put it in a drill . Covering it with Turtle Wax polishing compound and inserted it into the chamber at a low speed for 15 to 20 sec. . I did this three times until it was as smooth as the rest of the chamber .

I got a chance to go out to the range today and check it out . ( Rose Lake state run range in Bath ) I was the only shooter out there for a couple hours so I had no rush or interruptions , which is great when your trying to work the bugs out of something . Anyways the JB Weld worked freeking excellent !!! You would never know there was ever a problem with it . I ran 55 rnds. thru it , 10 at a slow pace then 20 as fast as a bolt action will go . Nothing came out or loosened up even when it got good and hot . With the last 25 rnds. it got even smoother to operate.

So if any of you ever come across a problem like this don't forget about the JB Weld !

Thanks to you guys for the little push for me to give it a shot . :thumb:

#-o Sorry I almost forgot I used the JB KWIK Weld. It sets in 4 min.
I applaud your ingenuity here man, glad you figured this out and thank you for sharing! However I'm wondering if you need to be careful not to get chemicals in the chamber and down the barrel now? Can the JB stand up to the cleaning chemicals we shooters routinely use? I guess when the JB gets worn you could always just reapply it w/o too much trouble? Hmmm now whered my JB tubes get off to lol


natlmatch , I was wondering the same thing when I cleaned it the first time . I wasn't using corrosive ammo so I didn't have to go over it again and again ( I'm a kinda anal when it come to keeping my guns clean LOL ) But the three times I've shot it (150+rnds ) and cleaned it I was using Hoppe's no9 and haven't noticed any problems with it so far . As far as other cleaners I cant say how it would hold up , I don't have any other brands to try on it right now . I would be CAREFUL using a copper and lead remover just for the fact that it might really put it to the test and then you would have to start all over again . When I tried this fix I didn't expect this to be permanent , but so far it hasn't failed me . I will try to keep you guys up to date if anything starts to fail and what caused it , hopefully that doesn't happen [-o<
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Re: Pitted Chamber & JB Weld

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Great idea!! I notice you are posting many great ideas/tips.
thank you for taking the time to help us out.
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Re: Pitted Chamber & JB Weld

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So how long has it been and what is the current status? I found this to be interesting and it seems it could be useful fix for problematic chambers!
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