8x52R Siamese with surplus powder & heavy bullet

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8x52R Siamese with surplus powder & heavy bullet

Post by Rapidrob »

I found a load today for the 8x52R Siamese Mauser rifle using a 208 grain .330,yes .330 diameter FMJ bullet.
First and foremost, the Siamese Mausers bore is not .323 and never has been for this model. Of Type 66 rifles I own the bore size is .327. Firing .323 diameter bullets will give you poor accuracy.
The Privi Partizan .330 208 grain bullet is ideal for your rifles and carbines. It will be very stable in flight you will wring out every inch of accuracy at any range.
As for powders, any of the more common powders such as WW748,IMR-4895, 4064 and a host of others.
I have on hand a lot of IMR-7383 (RAD78). This powder works very well in many cartridges from .22 Calibers up to .50 caliber.
The powder loves a heavy bullet and a full charge. Pressures as long as the powder is not tightly compressed is never a factor.
I found a load of 46 grains fills the case to the shoulder and is only slightly compressed by the Privi bullet. Winchester LR or Magnum primers can be used.
There are no pressure signs what-so-ever.
Firing the load is impressive. I was shooting at a man torso target at 200 meters from the bench. The bullet screamed down range striking the target with great force. Recoil is stout.
The bolt was very easy to lift. Fired brass was perfect with no gas blow back at the neck of the case.
The bullet developed quite a bit of spin drift to the right of center. I had to hold on the left edge of the target to put rounds in it's center. Wind was ten MPH left to right.
Once I was on target the rounds grouped in the center well,several on top of one another.
With more practice the group will go down. At ranges farther out the bullet should be very stable in flight.
I need to fire the load over a chronograph to see how fast it is going.
There was no unburnt powder in the bore of the rifle. Bullet jacket fouling was normal.
I will try this bullet with other powders and do a range report.
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Re: 8x52R Siamese with surplus powder & heavy bullet

Post by ammolab »

None of our knockdown Steel targets will resist Rob’s 208gr bullet. I saw his first hit ring that steel hard and cover the whole thing with grey lead dust.

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Re: 8x52R Siamese with surplus powder & heavy bullet

Post by Smokey »

Sounds like a good load.

For reference, that bullet also works well in the Lebel and the Austro-Hungarian M95.
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Re: 8x52R Siamese with surplus powder & heavy bullet

Post by Cattus Borealis »

Good to know!

Thanks for writing about this Rob!

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Re: 8x52R Siamese with surplus powder & heavy bullet

Post by Polock »

Failed to buy 7383 when it was cheap and available. But--have a friend who has a lot of it, and has offered to supply me. Really appreciate Rob's info on this powder--want to try it in several milsurps--
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