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#1 Post by OLDGUNNER » Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:49 pm

This is kinda an accuracy story...I guess most of us has heard this about sighting in your gun at your hunting camp because of the travel and bouncing around that your gun may get getting there...sounds okay...I spent a summer after I retired in Alaska and I gathered that this is almost require by some guides. Here is the drill, some will give you a little pouch to put say 5 cartridges in to carry under your cloths to help keep them warm because you sighted in your gun, your warmed up gun, with slightly warm shells. And then....and then, you go out into some cold air, maybe as much as 40 below, and your first shot, may be with that cold, cold barrel and shell. Heck, can be off maybe as much as what, 10 inches or a foot at 300 yards. Sounds okay ????...maybe not.
And...and, my wife wanted us to retire in Alaska because it looked so nice. She just could not understand what the winters could be like. I was raised in northern Minnesota, and spent a couple of months on Baffin Island with the very first part of the building of the DEW Line. One can GOOGLE ‘DEW Line’ and see what that was like.
At work every once in a while they would ask me if I would like to go to the Antarctic for 6 months, and I would just say, no thanks.

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