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MRE Post Card

Post by Candyman »

Started cleaning up my shop. It’s gotten so messy that I can hardly get work done.
While going through a box of military manuals and old gun catalogs I found something I had forgotten about. It was a post card I sent home to my Dad from Desert Storm.
There was nowhere to get post cards in the desert so, we made them from MRE boxes.

After reading what I had written the memories can back and I couldn’t help but cry. The things we would write to our loved ones was most often far from the truth. I couldn’t write about how I had shaken hands with death that day and walked away.
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Re: MRE Post Card

Post by ffuries »

Wow thanks for the post....We had it much better than yall that is for sure. Would have never thought of making a postcard from a MRE box. That's thinking outside the box that is for sure.
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Re: MRE Post Card

Post by DaleH »

Thank you for your service! LOVE your comment about the box passing ... but not the contents.

I can't imagine what else you've experienced (besides near death from MRE poisoning), but thanks for sharing that with us!
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