You never know what turns up in trash cans

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Re: You never know what turns up in trash cans

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Nice save. PAX

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Re: You never know what turns up in trash cans

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Was it in front of a house being remodeled or just open trash cans? I look sometimes when I’m walking certain areas but most times just keep on walking
Not normal trash cans; it was a dumpster for like construction, remodeling, clean up, or general house clean out after moving or death in the family and the kids what the house cleaned out. Some kids live so far away, to rich to get their hand dirty, or have no time and there are people that do house clean outs. When my dad died it took myself, brother and a few buddies two weeks to fill 4 large dumpsters at $400 each to get rid of 85 lawn mowers, wood, scrap metal and stuff saved over the last 88 years. And I took home at least a dumpster full of goodies, The neighbors got stuff and his airplane budies got stuff. The wood went to a high school bond fire, the metal to the metal dump and the scrap al, cu, lead and metal paid for 2 dumpsters . Dad's house was like King Tuts tomb. Every one got a little something. I had a neighbor kid that helped load stuff and got money for scraping the stuff we could not hold onto. I must have 60 cigar boxes of hardware, screws and nuts that I kept. So when you find a depression age guy or lady that passes on --- you know the house will be full. That is the kind of dumpster you want to check out, or when a local store closes and all sorts of things go into the store dumpster. He had airplane magazines from the 1920 to present and I got $600 for the load, and I kept the best ones. It took 3 years at airplane shows to get rid of the stuff. Ma got like $12,000.

Dads basement was the open area :lol: :roll: What can I say about old farm boys - you save everything because you never know when you will need a part. He loved antique vintage lawn mowers.
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So if you see a house clean out due do to a death or moving or rummage sale from an old timer, depression kid, always check it out. When they were kids in the 1920s, they had nothing. So most saved everything. You just never discarded anything that could be salvaged. Of course the apple did not fall far from the tree. :oops:
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