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NM MILSURPS "Santa Shoot" 500 meters

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2019 12:07 pm
by Rapidrob
This month will be our annual "Santa Shoot" at 500 meters.
The match will be 20 rounds. You will put 10 rounds into Santa Clause.( man torso AR550 target) Knocking his hat off will count as an extra hit. You will then have ten rounds to knock down his 8 tiny reindeer.( Rams)
An electronic flash will record the hits on Santa.
Match will be open to Open sights and Scope class military rifles.( original optics. Red Dot on AR's are OK.)
This will be a prone match.
We have practiced this month at the Santa target at 500 meters and everyone has done very well.
This should be a fun shoot.
See ya there.

Re: NM MILSURPS "Santa Shoot" 500 meters

Posted: Sun Dec 29, 2019 11:40 am
by Rapidrob
We had a fun shoot! The weather was not going to cooperate as it was cold and went from dead calm to windy.
We had a good turn out of members with several different type of rifles.
We had on hand:
Swiss 96/11
Swiss G1911
Finn Mosin M39
Yugo M48
Springfield 1903
Swede 96/38
Turk M38
AR15 carbine
The course of fire was to be ten rounds into the Santa Torso AR550 steel target and the ten rounds to knock down 8 of Santa's Reindeer.
As the morning progressed the weather deteriorated with the temp dropping and the wind starting to build up. The sunlight went from bright white to dull overcast gray.This was a challenge for my members
Scores reflected the weather change pushing the bullets off of the target to the right by 2 1/2 feet from the right hand edge of our target.
A few of the members hit the 'Reindeer" with solid shots ( .303 Britt and 67 grain .223 ) and they did not fall! The .303 hit high in the spine of the target and detonated. No energy was transferred into the target and the target barley vibrated. The target must fall off of the rail in order to count.
All in all the scores were pretty good.
Ammolab tired for second place with Josh and Alex.By the time the match was over no wanted to hold a shoot-off for 2ND place.
Jorge took third place by one point under 2ND.
I was one of the last shooters as I run the match and took first place by one point. By the time I shot the weather had really turned south. I had to hold three feet off of the target center to score hits. I held on the Reindeer's butt in order to get hits in the Reindeer's face.
We had a good time at the match .
After the match we drove to warm food and a crafted beer or two at a local brewery.

Re: NM MILSURPS "Santa Shoot" 500 meters

Posted: Tue Dec 31, 2019 10:59 am
by DaleH
Damn, you have more FUN out thar’ shootin than many of us dream about! Good shooting for you too, especially where you shot in the worst of it. Congrats!