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When I was there several years ago they had an X painted on the street signifying where JFK was when he got hit the first time. Can't remember who put the X there. I agree the whole plaza is smaller and closer than I thought it would be after standing there and looking around.

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I can't get to my book, but the distance from closet to furthist shot were under 100yrds. The scope was not properly sighted in, but at the distance shot it was not a factor/.
Great pics tommy
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About 25 years ago went to Dallas for a visit and did alot of personal research and so many truths showed themselves.. I.e I remember all the talk of the shots from the wooden fence.. But if you stood in the spot where Zapruder stood, he would have looked behind the wooden fence and would have had to see anyone there.

Also there was a lot of discussion about how Oswald did not have time to have walked from his rooming house to the Tibbits assassination site and then make it to the Texas Theater in the allowed time line.. But was able to walk it with time to spare.

An a nice treat, the rooming house where Oswald lived, had a sign out in front of it with room to rent.

It was neat how many of the assassination locations where still there had not changed from 1963.

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Must be a different one, his ammo all worked but they did mention bad ammo.

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