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Oh my gosh where do I start – Yes they do taste like chicken. I have eaten Rattle Snake, alligator, Python, Monitor Lizard, Shark, Sting ray, Frog Legs, and they can all taste like chicken. The frog legs were soft and kinda mushy. And you may have eaten Sting Ray and didn’t know it. I saw a few years ago on TV news that a lot of the ‘scallops’ that you were buying in your local supper market were actually ‘Ray’, and usually Sting Ray. You can tell the difference, the plug of a sting ray has a very uniform looking ‘Plug’, 3/4 of an inch thick and uniform, an inch and half around, not like a regular scallop. And apparently legal, at least it use to be. In the PI Sting Ray is a local delicacy.
Lets see---No I wouldn’t be messing around a Cobra if I had been drinking. But I know, and apparently some don’t, that it is much more safe to have learned about things ahead of time than be surprised...with ANYTHING.
My examples could be a mile long----When I was about 14 my folks bought a resort on Leech Lake in northern Minnesota, it’s a fairly big lake and the waves can get to maybe 10 or 12 feet in a wind. The next door neighbor guy used to own this resort and he told me a couple of things to do if I was to get caught out on the lake in a storm. Well, in a small 16 foot boat this can be overwhelming. I surmised that a safe way to learn this was just go out into a storm, in a boat, just off shore, so I could make it to shore if I may be swamped or capsized. And sure enough, what he told me was very true. Once I had learned how, I would go out into the worst storms, on purpose, just for the practice. I could put a glass of water on a seat and never spill a drop. It seemed like every summer there would be some on the lake that were capsized on the lake.
Fast forward to 1958, I lived in LA, California and bought a small 21 foot cabin outboard boat. I had just put together this Heathkit Radio Direction Finder, yes I still have it, as pictured, and a coworker and myself took the boat to Long Beach to take the boat out to check it out. A storm happened to be coming up, I told my coworker it’s okay, no problem. The Direction Finder worked fine...I hit Avalon on Catalina Island right where I wanted to. But, the waves were 10 or 15 feet deep and 40 feet between them. Two Coast Guard guys met me at the dock and ask me where I had come from. I said Long Beach...He said that I was the only one that had come across the channel that morning. Checked the boat and it may have had a quart of water in it. They gave me a ticket – I didn’t have a ‘Dry-Chemical’ Fire extinguisher, only a CO2 type. There was no fine, I just had to buy one.
About that time I thought that learning Scuba Diving would be good thing to learn. I did and became a certified Los Angeles County Scuba Diver.
And now fast forward to 1969, Subic Bay off Grandy Island, PI... Two coworkers had just finished a local Scuba diving course and we went out off Grandy Island and by golly one of the guys had run out of air and I just luckily happened to come across him. He was unconscious at maybe 20 feet with his arms outstretched. I yanked off his tank and weight belt and took him back to the boat...he came to and survived.
If I was to be on a plane and the pilot became incapacitated or dead of a heart attack, I could in an emergency fly and land the plane, even a large commercial type, but only 'if' I could be in contact with a regular pilot on the radio to tell me what to do.
One time I was visiting my son who was in the Air Force stationed at Barksdale AFB and he was showing us around the base and driving along we saw a big fat watermoccasin on the side of the road warming himself and he got out of the car, grabbed the snake and skinned it in a minute. A few years ago he brought a dozen or so snake skins here to me – I have them some where in the house...I’ll find them.

Anywho...I am sure glad that I have learned not to be afraid to learn new things...I know some people don’t feel this way. That’s their problem.

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