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Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:26 pm
For those that have been to Subic Bay, may have golfed at the Subic Bay Golf Course....It is in the jungle, surrounded by jungle and know what I mean. There are cobras on the course and monkeys that run out and grabbed your ball. Most when they came across a cobra just smacked it in the head with their club. A coworker was into snakes...I saw him one time take his club, hold down the snake and grab a small 3 foot cobra by the tail and take it to edge of the fairway and throw it into the jungle. I never tried that.
Most, if their ball went off the fairway just let it be. The Negrito kids would go around and find these balls and sell them back to the golfers.
The longest Python that I heard of was 29 feet long. There were some locals working at our work site which was surrounded by jungle and they would make snares and catch wild boar just 15 feet from the building. They would only come at nights after a couple of nights of baiting.
One time a Navy type was going to a local Jungle Survival Course and ask if I would like to go along and and I said sure. They had one day or one week types. I had just gotten there and when he said that it was 'one day' over night, and I changed my mind. It was, you buy a knife made by the Negritos, and that's is all you had with the cloths on your back. At the time that jungle didn't look like any place that I wanted to be at night. Actually it never did. And that night they had Python for dinner.