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I just found this - maybe 2.50 at Wal-Mart. One can make the most intricate bullet mold that they may desire...with the most crisp lube grooves...it is used to make the most detailed jewelry. One doesn't need a mill. They don't need a drill press, it is just easier if one has one but it can be done with a little electric hand drill motor. See the little brownish stains on the mold - that is from the hot lead, so it will hold up.
Procedure.....Take a nail, cut off the head...take a little block of hard wood of appropriate size, just bigger than the real size of desired bullet...Drill a hole in it...epoxy the nail into the hole...chuck it into your drill motor...turn on the drill motor...grab a file or two and file all of the wood away that doesn't make it look like the bullet that you desire - make it a little larger, because you will want to polish it with fine sand paper to your final dimensions. Leave the piece of nail in the wood. And then...take two pieces of the clay, again of appropriate size...make one surface of each as flat as you can. Dig out of each half what you may estimate to be what will be filled with your newly made wooden bullet. Press each half together with your wooden bullet in between each part...but not all of the way...go back and forth with this until you have that which I have pictured except, leave a small space between to do a final surface sanding after it has been firmed up in an oven. If it gets too hard, you will just need to do some extra sanding. I did the final baking per directions at 275 degrees F. After these came out of my oven I did a final shaping and glued them to two pieces of wood to help everything to hold together and ease of handling.
As I recall these didn't seem hard enough for me so I rebaked them later. Right now that clay is harder than the dickens - I can't make a dent in the clay with my finger nail. I put little mold alinement pins of nails into the molds. The one pictured was my first attempt, so it can be done easily. I used a regular C clamp to hold the mold together. I don't know just how many molds one can get out of the pound package, but it should be enough to make quite a few.

Oh yes, the .45 slug is from another mold that I made.

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