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#1 Post by OLDGUNNER » Sat Jun 02, 2018 5:13 pm

This is just a suggestion for anyone that would like to shoot better skeet and trap (if they already know how). One way with skeet is to just start practicing with a .410 full choke. With trap...start practicing by standing right behind the trap with a .410 full coke, then as you learn how to do that, back up a little bit, and practice some more, and just keep doing this until you will find that there just isn’t enough shot in the shells to do it every time and one may just switch to 28 or 20 gauge and keep backing up. This will work, I know, I’ve done it. I got the idea for trap one time when a club had a Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot for Turkeys. For one dollar one got five .410 shells and with the club gun, a Remington full-choke Pump, and stood right behind the trap and the puller would pull 5 birds as fast as he could...and if one got all five he won a turkey. it took me 4 tries before I got my turkey.

let me add...I never did any serious trap shooting, but I did some skeet shooting.

I read a story one time where a Remington factory shooter would shoot skeet with slugs.

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