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Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 1:16 pm

On the latest Gun ‘Red Flag Legislation’...This is a pacification compromising attempt to forego some serious anti-gun laws, promoted by the lawyers through their lobbyists – big money involved. There are lawyers that are already picking out the new Mercedes that they can get if some serious Red Flag Legislation gets passed, and maybe some will be picking out their new wives at the same time...the less the new ones can get. One can just imagine all of the court battles that will in sue on the ‘iffy’ decisions that will be made. Ah-ha, I’ll get back at that guy. I swear that he is too weird to be able to own a gun! Or ‘not to’ invoke the Red Flag, and be sued for ‘not’ raising the issue – there would be a whole lot of this. Yep, this will mean a lot of money in the lawyer’s pockets.

I mentioned the law classes that I is not uncommon for some that will represent themselves in minor court cases that have done this – I have, just for the fun of it and experience with all on minor traffic violations where I was innocent or thought that were improperly cited. All, three times were for vehicle speeding violations. I asked for jury trials on two and trial by judge on one. One can learn much about these things, some money. It doesn’t cost anything to ask for a trial. But, aware that the citing officers will resent being questioned and can and does ‘lie’ on the stand. Two of the times, the officers lied and I had to forfeit the 40 dollars one time that I had posted for bail at one trial. One time the jury found me ‘not guilty’, and on the other, luckily the judge saw it my way. So, all in all, the 3 cases cost me 40 dollars. But I saved a 400 and some dollar fine for ‘Reckless Driving’ for passing in a 45 zone doing 65. Anything over 15 MPH was considered reckless driving. I was speeding to hurry up and get around a slow driver for safety sake. Made sense to me.

But I’ll bet that there will be some kind of Red Flag Legislation passed just for pacification. No one says that all laws have to be fair. And let me add, I would make a vey, very bad LEO. I just couldn’t stand letting some one shoot at me unnecessarily. I wouldn’t last at the job too long anyway. I would shoot first and asked questions later. It’s not a good feeling when someone shoots at you and you hear the bullet whizz by your ear, as happened to me one time in Vietnam.

See, I told you, Trivia.


Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:52 pm
Trivia – I just saw today where Trump tweeted that, “China is not our problem, though Hong Kong is not helping. Out problem is with the Fed. Raised too much too fast...” I had seen where just last week the Fed had lowered the interest rate, so I don’t know which he meant. A couple of days ago I saw where someone had said that he had just visited the Federal Reserve Office and that there were 300 PhD Economists working there. What in the world could justify a work force like that in one office?

Hong Kong trivia....In 1967 I changed my job from Carrier Support in WestPac (Western Pacific) and went to Vietnam. When I went back to the Philippines in 68, I shared an apartment with the fellow for the next 3 or 4 years that had come over to the Philippines to take my place. He then decided to quit and buy a bar in Hong Kong. He paid 40,000 US cash for this bar. Shortly after he had bought it a Chinese fellow came by and asked. “Ahaaaa, what are you doing here?” Well, I bought this bar from this Chinese woman. “Ahaaaa, that woman is my sister and she was managing the bar for me.“ He was out his 40,000. He couldn’t really find a Chinese woman running around China with his 40K. He went ahead and stayed there though.


Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 1:54 pm
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Bizarre Trivia ---

They show on the TV news in Denver of these little scooters running around weaving in and out of pedestrians on sidewalks and into the streets among the vehicles, I think that one just has to wonder just how this will be allowed to go on. I have traveled in a lot of this world and have seen a lot of bizarre things but I don’t recall seeing such things as bad as this. This just has to say a lot about what can happen when things get out of hand, as they sure are.

Now add to this, the vision of someome in a place where open carry is allowed with one on one these scooters.

I just saw on the news where some state has gone to 'Concealed Carry' with no permit or license required, It didn't cover anything about age requirement or other details....WOW. What could LEO's think about this? Back to the wild west, bizarre or maybe a job-change?

I can have an open mind...but...????? Does anyone else have some thoughts on this?


Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 4:55 pm
More Bizarre Trivia -

Well, maybe not to some.

True story, I know because I was there and I didn’t think of it as too bizarre. Where out right purposeful and premeditated homicide was accepted as normal. Situation – Baffin Island, 1955...I had volunteered to go there to work on the DEW Line project, in the spring of 1955. I always seemed to volunteer for new things, just curiosity – something new to learn. There was this Hudson’s Bay Trading Post that I was visiting one time outside this Eskimo village and it was quite busy. The Post manager said that this activity was due to the fact that each spring as the ice was moving out and open water was getting closer to the area, it was now 200 miles away and it was time to go out to the open water to get fresh meat while they had been eating dried meat all winter and they were just buying supplied for the trip. And he added that each spring on this first trip it was the habit of taking the old and the infirmed that had become nonproductive along on the trip to leave on the ice to die. I can just imagine some saying that ‘Oh boy,’ I can get rid of my mother-in-law now, or hey neighbor, I can’t make it this year, will your take her for me? If one thinks about it, one is suppose to just go to sleep as one is dying of freezing to death and is a humane way to die, well as some have have said. And I later thought that no, I didn’t see a local cemetery around. Around that Trading Post a town of Apex has grown up around it, as seen by GOOGLE EARTH.

FUN OR TRIVIA doesn’t seem be too popular????


Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 11:25 am
I know that political postings are not allowed, but look at all of the current juicy stuff going around that is gun related...but I will comply of course...Roger Will Co. I understand, every one should not necessarily be interested in other’s opinions on this. I am wondering if there may be some way to sneak in some opinions without it being thought of as argumentative but just plain funny – if not, perfectly okay. I realize that I shan’t disguise such things as ‘FUN FACTS’ even though I may look at them as, FUNNY, FUNNY. Remember the old Radio Program, hosted by Art Linkletter, “People are Funny.” I still think so, although there is not enough of this these days.

Here is something that I think is Funny Trivia. A single neighbor lady here had her long driveway, 300 yards long, lined with nice looking round rocks on both sides, all very well matching about 18 inches in diameter with all touching each other...tons of rock. A couple of guys did a nice job. But I wondered just what she was thinking of when it would come time for the snow removal of her driveway. After the fist big snow fall she had maybe the same fellows come and remove all of the rock...another big job. Later we were talking and this came up...and she chewed me out. She said that I should have told her about the trouble that she would have and should have been a ‘good neighbor’ and warned her about this. She said that that cost her a lot of money, which was very true. Those guys really had a time finding all of those matching rock.


Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 9:40 pm
RAMBLING TRIVIA---I went out on the deck this morning and cast 10 pounds of 45 slugs. The first thing that I noticed as my pot and mold were warming up were the bees on my wife’s flowers and was reminded of something that my Boy Scout Leader had told us one time - How to get that free honey. Sure enough. the bees are still doing the same thing as if they do a good job of teaching their youngin’s. I never had tried this but was ‘told’...Take a pie pan with the slanted sides and in it mix up some strong sugar water and place near the flowers. The bees will soon find this new supply of easy pickin’s and will get their fill quickly and then do their haphazard circle to get their bearings with their built in Auto-Compass and take off on their ‘Bee Line’ to their hive. And then place this pan in steps further along this Bee Line and the bees will see this pan and stop at it because it is closer to the hive. I would think that it would be pretty hard to communicate with the bees so we will just have to accept this as what will be going on. And this will lead one right to the hive – makes sense to me. Years ago when I was taking Computer Programing I thought that it would be great to be able to write programs that would interpret the vocal sounds of animals so that we could communicate with them better. I still think that it should be pursued and I would like to get in with some of those Dolphins so I could swim and talk with them. Well I understand that these Dolphins do understand some English in Florida and California.

Okay, to casting....I started to cast bullets in about 1948 when I was 15 for my Dad’s 45-70’s and I have been doing the casting every since and I learned at least two new things today. There is that sweet-spot of temperatures that makes it easier to use the gate cutter at the right casting temperature but have always just worked my way up that temperature without knowing what that may be. Today I used my non-contact thermometer to read that temperature of the mold as it was heating up on the electric hot plate, and read 335 degrees Fahrenheit of the black gate cutter and with 800 F. with the lead, I was there. I let things cool back down and repeated things to see if it was repeatable. I worked like magic. Now I can just bring the mold and the lead pot to the two temperatures and start making good bullets at first casting. The second thing, over the years I would polish the molds kinda haphazardly with no particular concern. Now I have learned to polish the molds before every use for ‘my’ best results of bullet dropping out of the mold. I am using 5 Micron polish with my DIY Fobs. I could never understand the LEE recommendation of ‘smoking’ the mold before use.

Non Trivial Trivia – Serious Trivia – Sad Trivia....

The trees around here must have all gotten together last spring and talked things over, or some how communicated with each other and went on strike. Normally the Wild Choke Cherries take a rest about every three years and the Oaks take a rest about every five years...just each type of tree at the same year. They all agree on that time. Last spring we had a little wetter spring than normal so maybe, maybe the trees thought that hey we will really have to work hard this year so lets just go on strike. I never took Tree Phycology so I have no idea just how they may think, but we have lots of Choke Cherry Trees and thousands of Oak trees, and this year we did not have a single Choke Cherry or a single Acorn. I don’t recall this happening since we have been here, 24 years. And the result is that the poor bears were hungry. The mother bears would come to the kitchen open window as my wife would be cooking and just look so sad and begging and most humbling asking for something to eat. They are a very caring mother and we know that their little babies were dying from lack of milk. They are not one bit angry or malicious. And I understand that most of the cubs died this summer, then some of the adults will die in their dens this winter. More than just tears came to my eyes as I thought about it. But as we know when the Great Grand Kids come visiting in the summer we can’t have them coming around looking for food. And of course it is highly illegal to feed them for this reason. Usually one can see a mother bear with a cub quite often but not this summer, not one cub. Yes I think it so sad. And the Forestry people make no provisions what-so-ever for emergency food for them.

The Oak trees are Gamble Oak, a rather short tree, Could be 75 years old and ten or fifteen feet high. The acorns have no noticeable Tannin or Tannic acid. And when we first moved here I would boil them a little and roast them and eat them as a snack. One time I let some set awhile before I cooked them and noticed a little tiny hole in each one’s shell. Then I found out that little tiny Butterflies would lay an egg in each flower and later a larvae would chew its way out of the acorn.


Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 1:16 pm
TRIVIA, to some, maybe more than to some -

I was reminded of this yesterday when my wife showed me some pictures on her Tablet from a Great Grandson in Alaska. He is in the Air Force and as soon as his Commander in Chief signs the necessary paper work, he is looking forward to getting kicked out of the Air Force, and reassigned to the new Space Force. He is currently In the Air Force assigned to a, ‘Segment’ ??, of NASA . NASA has a large presence in Alaska.

This is meant not as malicious intent but as I say a ‘soft’ warning.

Anyway, after I had been looking at the photos I notice a bunch of other stuff and I asked her, “What is all of this?” And she just said, “Oh give me that.” Apparently she is ‘not’ a member of Facebook but can read the Facebook stuff, or maybe just some. I don’t Know just how much. I have absolutely nothing to do with it and I don’t let it enter my life in any way, but she does. She has zero back ground in the technical things as Facebook but she reads the ‘stuff’ on Facebook and maybe five or eight years ago one day I started to get some of my neighbors out-going email on my computer. It was all to just one recipient, from the neighbor across the road from here, the one that just passed away a month ago. When I started to use my first Wireless Router from my internet provider I made a ‘range-check’ with my low-end LapTop and it worked up to maybe 150 yards up the road. Since then they have given me me at least three new up-dated Wireless Routers. One time I had one ‘email’ address and my wife used one that was used for both of us combined. Come to find out, unknown to me, she had read on FaceBook how to ‘add’ our one address to one of my neighbor’s recipicants of his ‘out-going’ email messages, WITHOUT knowing his Router Password, and without it showing up on his computer in any way. If one can recall a few years ago when someone set in the parking lot of a Target store an read all of its out-going email with customers data. Apparently this is legal, as far as I know, ‘if not’ used for illegal purposes. The news media just throws things like this into the general category of illegal ‘Hacking’. Anyway, I told her to ‘knock that off’ and she was mum about her experimenting, until then again the other day. She told me that she went around the neighborhood, walking the dog and with her Tablet recorded everyone’s email addresses’, which was obviously coming from their Wireless Router whether or not they were on their computer or not. She said that so-and-so had four email addresses. Usually this ‘Fishing’ is done by other means. We get all kinds of phone calls and ‘Junk Mail’ doing this as I assume most do. I don’t how to do this but she does. She has two of everything. If she can do these things just think of all the other things that the real technical people do all of the time. One of the first things in the surveillance business is don’t let the other people know you are doing it.

I do know 1953 I was in the Air Force and was mistakenly assigned to a Transatlantic Radio Transmitter Relay Site in Newfoundland for a while and was told that it was against a federal law to listen in on any ‘Commercial Radio Telephone’ message traffic and I think at the same time it was illegal to listen to Police and other Law Enforcement and official radio . But just a few months after that we were told that this had all been changed and it was now legal to listen to anything on the Airways for anyone. If it is transmitted in the air it is free to anyone to listen to. I have had some type of US Radio Ham license since I don’t know when, and it has been that way up until some detail changes have been made such as TV service that others have to pay for. I even think that all of this other ‘regular’ WWW Cryptic Internet service is like the old telephone ‘party lines.’ They are for the whole WWW party to listen to. You can use cryptic methods to send it but if someone can decode it they can listen to it – just listen. it is fast and convenient take your chances with others listening to it....I think. One can buy all kinds of Police Scanners and radio surveillance equipment legally. In 67 in Hong Kong I bought my first Air Craft Frequency small portable transceiver and paid over 400 dollars for it...still have it. One can buy good ones now for 200 or so. I can listen to any Air Craft radio traffic going over. I just can’t hit the ‘Transmit’ button and interrupt, with exceptions. I can talk with one on the International Space Station through my Ham relay stations. And I can listen to all of the Data Link radio is just a constant buzzing sound. I can’t do anything with it. That is all above me and I have no reason for it.

This will tell the whole story, ‘IF’, one interprets it correctly...and the information is correct, and up to date. A lot of things like this is condensed by some one from say a 500 page legal document. So I would look at it as, ‘Reader beware’. ... unications

For the summer of 66 I was farmed out to a Grumman plant on Long Island and I visited a specialty shop in New York City that sold clandesant surveillance equipment from a 10 dollar bug to a 40,000 dollar bug. I can’t imagine what can be available today. Someone setting at a table in Moscow can listen to what is being said at a Conference table anywhere in the world. The normal ‘Sweeping’ of a room for bugs is now just old stuff...easy to circumvent. Even I can do that. Remember when the US had to tear down a whole new Embassy building that was found to be full of ‘bugs’ in Russia. Even today, secure things have to be hand delivered on paper. Those guys with a brief case hand-cuffed to them seen in Hollywood movies is for real. One time I wanted to go from Clark Field in the Philippines to Bangkok and got a hop on an Embassy flight of a C-141 and I was thee single passenger on the plane. And was shot at by VC ground fire while landing in Saigon on the way. I was not involved in anything of the embassy business, I was just hitching a ride.

Anyway when that ‘S’ is seen on www URL’s does not mean that it is really secure – just secure to some, and if they let it be.

One time while I was in the fourth grade the big kids were talking about the war time codes being used were all breakable. And I went back to my desk and thought about this. I came up with a code that I thought was surly unbreakable, most simple. And to this day it is still the only ‘unbreakable’ code known. It is called the ‘Random number, one-time pad.’ I didn’t know it at the time but this had been known and used for thousands of years, and is still used. And can be used sending by Internet or radio with complete security. But the pads cannot be sent by internet of course.

Police Scanners for sale... ... E27C75351F


Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 9:33 am
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Just more Rambling Trivia Cont.

I Forget how much further the balls go but it is quite a bit.


Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 1:36 pm
Trivia of the day....

The reason that I had to travel so much with the job is that there were usually about 175 guys that had to cover these work sites and they typically liked to make them for two years minimum. Out of these main sites we had to go to other odd-ball places from there for two days to a month, usually with just one or two guys. I did this from spring of 66 until I retired in 95.

NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, NAS Rota, Spain, NAS Sigonella, Italy, NATO Office, Naples, Italy, Naval Air Facility Adak, Alaska, NAS Atsugi, Japan, NAS Guam, NAS Cubi Point, Philippines, Marine Air Station, Okinawa, Christ Church, New Zealand, McMurdo Station, Antarctica, Naval Test Center, Patuxent Point, Maryland, Waianae, Hawaii.
And for one time, DaNang, Vietnam for a year. The work tour for Adak, Alaska was for one year and six months for McMurdo Sound.
And every so often, Perth, Australia, and various little Islands in the Pacific for just a few days.

It isn’t for everyone to adapt to this type of life style but I enjoyed it. I crossed the Pacific either 24 or 26 times.


Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 6:08 pm

I just thought as funny - I just received, possibly as a 'Fishing' email.

"Army National Guard has an opening for a 31B Military Police - Police Officer in their Farmington location. We thought you might be interested in this opportunity. To explore this further you'll find more details and the application instructions on the job details page below."


Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2019 4:33 pm
RAMBLE, RAMBLE – Ah, but Trivia... ... 17A0162149

Just something I was reading about Bugs. Although these can be referred to as Professional models and maybe rightly so, but still can be easily found, maybe. There are ones that are really, really sneaky. One that I had heard of and read about in an electronics magazine with a full right up with schematic on how to build involved the receiving of the movement in a pane of glass from a conversation, not being a bug. All that was required in the case of listening to a conversation in a building or such as a vehicle with window glass was to point a pickup at it and listen and record. This was in the late 50’s. And that magazine company got into all kinds of trouble. Now a days conversations can be recorded from buildings without windows and from vehicles driving along a freeway. And of course of conversations around an outdoor pool from a half block away, all being perfectly legal. And all can be used by anyone that may be nosey and especially divorce lawyers. One can see these discarded DISH parabolic antennas all over. These can be used for permanently listening from a distance and again perfectly legal. These large old TV UHF dish antennas that are five and six feet in diameter can be use to hear a whisper from a block or two away. Now the ones that involve trespassing and planting are a different story. And there are ones that can not be detected as transmitting say before a conference or anywhere but can be turned on by radio to transmit at any time, being really hard to circumvent. Remember when these radio garage door openers came out and people were using them as all kinds of remote controls.

One time years ago I wanted to know if our baby sitter was having her boy friend over. I changed the gearing on a little cheap tape recorder and hooked it up to our telephone line to record whenever our phone was being used. As far as I knew she never did this. But, one evening my wife and I were out in our yard working and our neighbor lady came over to visit, and she asked if she could use our phone. And oh my gosh, there she was talking to a boy friend.

One time I was asked to repair a Navy sophisticated scanning radio receiver that was being used during the Vietnam situation to listen to I don’t know how many different frequencies at the same time. That was maybe a hundred thousand dollar receiver. Now with all of these satellites, not much is a secret. I remember seeing a photo of a foot step in some fresh morning dew from a satellite. That was years ago.

Ten years ago a regular surveyor was around here with his satellite surveying equipment and I ask him how well he is reading the altitude. He said within 3 centimeters. Now that is some precision, or at least was. I ask him to give me the altitude where we were standing in front of our garage. His reading showed 8,175 feet and I forgot the inches.

I broke my back in January and am still mending and not off my walker yet, and have only been shooting from our deck. I can blame my trivia writing on this maybe.


Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2019 11:08 pm

Here is a bit trivia that I am well familiar with... ... WceY-NKi2w

They even got the date right, late 50’s. I was working for Magnavox Research Lab at the time in LA and one of the engineers said he was shaving one morning when he got this idea for radio security. It was this idea. He was told to go to the pentagon and try to get an R & D contract for the idea. He did and it was immediately used. And as this article say it is still used today. There is nothing secretive or classified about it. Anyone can use it right in front of the world and it can only be heard with a dedicated radio transmitter and receiver. And these systems can be bought today for probable less than 500 $. They are used by businesses for inter city office communications and individuals to talk back and forth with their wives or whoever.

I was at the end of one of my 5 year tours in the Philippines and I was told to go to Guam for two years for my required two year state side tour. I had no idea why. A fellow there was transferred because the navy thought that he was responsible for the trouble that they were having with their system. I was told to work on it and try to figure out why it wasn’t working. This was a side job outside of my regular field of work and I spent just maybe a half an hour a day with it. And I could not find any problem with it, it worked fine. And, and just a couple of days before I was to leave after 2 years and go back to the PI, I was talking with a second class sailor that was using it on his shift which was about a third of the time and he told me what he had been doing. He was using it wrong, and his boss had no idea of this of course, for 2 years and before. And he was causing his whole flight crew to be completely useless for a third of the time...really bad.

Anyway I am going to look around and see what these cheap civilian systems are going for. But Hedy Lamarr gets the credit for coming up with this system and the war ended without it being used, until the late 50’s.


Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 12:19 am
Trivia – ... d_spectrum

Oh heck, I have at least two sets of these and didn’t even think about it. The ones that I have are used with my RC airplanes but not for voice radio. These are just one way of course. These were the latest at the time. Look at the ‘Multiple Inventors’ section. I saw the little hand held types with this somewhere.


Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 2:29 am
Trivia –

I guess these 2.4 Ghz radios are still the latest used for RC use. Real close to the ones that I was talking about, not exactly but close enough. The idea being that one can just show up at say an RC field where everyone has an RC plane or whatever and are using these 2.4 Ghz radios without the problem of interference with another. Where before these with the older style, one had to make sure that their radio frequency was not already being used on the field by someone else. A frequency board was used and one was supposed to not turn their transmitter on unless they had the frequency tag from the board. There were just so many frequencies available. And it can be seen where it was a problem with two transmitters using the same frequency at the same time. Okay now everyone can use the same 2.4 Ghz frequency without interfering with another. Now a bunch of people can be using their computers or other devices at the same time in one place without interfering with another. Hence the radio signal separations, but they are not as secure as the complete systems as used in the full blown military or other commercial systems. And a thousand cell phones being used at the same time using the same frequency with the same cell phone tower, again, close enough.

I am trying to think of ways to use this system at a shooting range for changing targets without the normal time out for this, but everything that I can think of is too impractical or too costly.


Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 11:20 am

// ... tum-level/

This is all new to me and I know nothing about it. To get the power necessary to get through the water via satellite is the tricky part. When I was involved it was done just by brute force. A C-130 aircraft would fly along and send a message and the submarine would pick it up. Now the details on that I will assume may still be classified, I don’t know. This article is telling the world the basic theory but with no technical details. I was offered a job on submarines one time and it took me less than 5 seconds to turn that down. There are usually a few civilians on these new subs to help work out bugs, and they go down with the subs right along with everyone else when they fail. Big bucks yes, but I would rather take my chances on land where I can run. One time I did volunteer to go on a test flight of an aircraft, but I was young. And a co worker was late and missed his test flight, and the plane crashed and blew up on take-off at Travis AFB, a C-124.

One time I was on the submarine, the USS New York, and was talking with a fellow and said that I didn’t know why they don't use fiber optics for their periscopes and his head went back a little and with a squint in his eyes. Come to find out that was the main reason for them to be in port, to have that done.