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Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 5:43 pm

One time in the Air Force, The Commanding General of the ‘Northeast Air Command’ wanted an inspection of his personal assigned T-33 air craft to be disassembled to some level that was just amazing to me. Half of our hanger floor was full of big parts and little parts, nuts and bolts, with a white tag on each part, well over a thousand parts. And then it was to be reassembled. And I thought at the time my gosh, just how safe this plane would be to fly after this. It was put back together but I never saw it again. It was usually kept in our hanger. But he was a General.


Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 11:57 pm
TRIVIA – I don’t see much action in the ‘Fun Facts’. What, no fun?

One time at work – We are having a meeting at 1 o’clock. A visitor’s opening words, Hi, my name is so and so. I am an accountant. I do the books. I make them come out like the boss wants them to come out. Those are the only words that I remember him saying for the hour. There was no other that said one word. He finished, we all got up and left without saying a word.
Yes Sir Ree, a meeting.

The fellow came all the way from the Pentagon to Hawaii to say what he did.

Well, maybe more like ‘Non Fun Facts’, huh.


More serious...Tonight on the TV news...Cost to city of Baltimore, 16 million dollars to Ransom Ware. Some large dollars paid with total costs, 16 million. Last week, ransom paid by a city in Florida, 6 million dollars.

Someone sends a message, ‘We will delete your city records if you don’t pay us so much through Bit Coin’.

When I was a kid our telephone service was by ‘Party Line’, 13 on the line, same thing. Here are such businesses that are on one big WWW Party Line and easily Hacked and everyone knows it. Can anyone here think of a possible defense? They can make some big bucks if they can. Sure, one can put everything in a separate memory bank, if they have time. But how can they work out of that?

Come on, we need some ‘Fun Facts’.


Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2019 12:51 pm
Here is a ‘Fun Fact’...An example of a lie becoming a truth if repeated often enough. The old story about if a bullet from a gun is shot and another dropped at the same time, they will both hit the ground at the same time. And of course this can never be true unless some kinds of interference is being used. What is really the truth is that this can only happen ‘IF’ the bullet that is being fired is fired on an upward hillside.


Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2019 2:51 pm

This is just in passing and not meant to be anything other than that. While I am at it....the misuse of the word ‘Weapon’. A good definition of a weapon I think is as I just looked up again...Weapon – “A thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage.” And breaking this into the two parts and meanings, I will think of it as, ‘A thing designed for inflicting harm or physical damage’. And, ‘A thing used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage’. Two of the meanings of ‘Weapons’, and both different. A non weapon has to have been used as a weapon before it can be thought of as a weapon.
Yes, just another example that if a lie is repeated often enough it can become a truth to some. When I think of weapons I think of items that are used in warfare. To me a military KA-BAR-bar knife is a weapon but not a common pocket knife.

Kitchen knives, .22 sporting rifles, .22 target pistols, a plain double barrel shot gun are referred to as weapons by some only because they have seen where this has mistakenly been done for so long. These items of course can be used as weapons.

I hope this isn't being something bad to say.


Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 2:00 pm
TRIVIA FUN FACTS , Maybe more just funny -

These so-called Motion Detector Lights that are common these days are not real Motion Detectors. This is just another example of a lie being repeated often enough to become the truth. If one should not believe me just try to move an inanimate object in front of one and see what may happen. Use a hammer, a Mauser 98 or a dead skunk, if a dead skunk is used, it has to have been dead for a while until it is cold.

Below is a real Motion Detector for sale. I have one of these that I bought years ago, and I had to put it together myself, it was Kit. Of course there are real Motion Detectors for sale now, but they are much more
sophisticated and more expensive. ... 3556992666

A funny thing, or maybe a non-funny thing...The house across the road from here...Where the neighbor that passed way lived. He had two of these motion detector lights installed outside of his house and at least three installed ‘inside’ of his house. He had used the ones down stairs to give him warning of a possible intruder to the house as his bedroom was upstairs, and he had installed one in his bedroom, for an automatic light for reasons known only to him.
I had mentioned that he was a PhD. This I think is the reason for why he had done things this way. He left the original high powered flood lights in the one in his bedroom because he did not know that he could have replaced those high wattage lamps with two of lower wattage.
Okay, forward to a couple of days ago, We had a very short power outage that caused these lights to come on and stay on. And ours were equally effected. But the house across the road is vacant and a surviving son lives in Alabama and is not due to come back here for a while. And yes, all of these bright lights are on inside the house as well as outside, day and night.

In my opinion, these laser interrupt lights are a much more better and reliable, and economical way to detect motion for warnings and security situations. They do not work the way that is depicted in most Hollywood movies. A laser light and detector set can be bought for less than 5 $ I would think, or made for less. My boss and I went to a WESCON show in LA around 1960 just to see the worlds first public display of the first operational LASER. It was made by Raytheon who had bought the Patent from Hughes, who developed the LASER. It was about five feet long.

Fun Fact or a Funny Fact?


Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 2:32 pm

3 dollars and 78 cents with free postage. One can’t get these much cheaper than this, ready made. I am not saying that a more relyable one can not be bought or made. One can put these around a gun safe or anyplace that they may wish and get a cell phone call of an intrusion, or any other thing. I bought a 12 volt vehicle type siren at a junk yard one time and that thing should drive anyone away most quickly...and warn the whole neighborhood.


Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:12 pm
TRIVIA...about current news -

The burning dive boat off the Channel Islands....I survived a dive in the Palauan Islands one time. I was just in the Palauan islands one time and a dive tour came by from California. It was making a half dozen different dive stops around the Pacific and I just joined it for the one-day of diving there. On the first dive, afterwards, the dive guide said that oh, he forgot to tell us not to touch that pretty Red Coral, that it was toxic and could be deadly. And of course I had touched it. But, not too much. I had no effect. But I can truly say that I ‘Survived’...with Tongue-in-Cheek.

And while I lived in LA I had bought a boat just so that I could fish and dive off Catalina Island and the Channel Islands. And it seemed that on each trip out I would have a shark or two come up to the boat. And me bing that I am, I thought that I should jump in the water and kill a shark with a knife. But, but, I realized that the shark should not be too big, and maybe five or six feet max. But alas, I never saw one alone that small so that never came to pass.

And on the Hurricane, I was working in Guam in 1976 when Super Typhoon Pamela came by, and that was really something else. I could and did watch the wooden houses just go away a hundred yards away as we set in the eye, I was able to blow smoke rings at the same time, the eye wall was so well defined with no moving air...very strange to me. The official wind speed was maybe 160 max, but the sailor that had Admin watch said that the little whirly gig blew off after he saw 220 MPH. I believed him. I saw my poor car being blown around like a cardboard box. And after the first pass and all of the jungle vegetation was gone, one could see all of the stolen vehicles that had been taken into the jungles and stripped, hundreds of them and more. They would be stripped for the parts and then were shipped to other places. And if they could catch a vehicle out alone, they used their ,357’s or .44 Magnums to shoot up the engine and tires and get a night to strip it.

And a party in Guam wasn’t a good party if there weren’t Fruit Bat and raw meat.

Yes, yes, just trivia...and not interesting to most, I know.


Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 6:26 pm

On the dive boat fire...I see in the news that it may take more than a year to determine the cause of the fire. I think that a good guess is Propane gas.
1. Propane gas is heavier than air, but popular for use in a galley. If a gas leak did happen, which I would guess did, the gas would have collected in the bottom of the boat and this probable would include the berthing area as well as an engine room.
2. Some of the news said that the crew was top-side refilling the air tanks for the days dives. This would require some type of engine driven air pump, which would quite probable be in the engine room.
3. Simple....the bottom of boat had collected the gas...the crew had remotely started the engine that was used to fill the air tanks...And BOOM.
4. Another problem would have been the boat design. The berthing area would have probable had no emergency exits along the sides of the boat, just the one rear door – common design for this and smaller boats.

Although no system would be 100 % fool-proof, but I could think of some that would have been more safe, maybe considered by some to be too impractical, but more safe.
1. No propane at all used on the boat, even if this involved eating cold food. An exception to this could be a small propane camp stove on the rear of an open deck for making hot coffee or tea. Yes I know the enjoyment and expectations that can be had with cooking in the galley and eating good food, especially eating the fresh fish, the abalone, the langosta that divers can harvest. I did just this on my small boat in the same waters, but I used just a little two burner propane camping type stove on the open deck. I realize that these dive boats will continue using the propane galley stoves and hope that all is done properly and safely...and life will go on...well sometimes not.
2. No Lithium Ion batteries being used on the boat except in Lap Tops and Cell Phones. They now have Lithium Batteries for engine starting and general lighting on boats this size, and I am here to say that these batteries still have bugs to be worked out. A few years ago they finally decided that the larger Lithium Ion batteries cannot be transported in aircraft that is carrying passengers. And for good reason, these batteries can just decide to short internally and blow up. Years ago when the first Lithium batteries come about I was experimenting with one, about the size of a regular DC ‘C’ cell, the first one that I had seen, and I accidently short circuited it and it exploded, and luckily did not get some of it in an eye, but burned the end of a finger. And I demined that these had too many bugs to be worked out before ‘Prime Time’. And they still have not been worked out. I have them in the house as well as most would have, little ones. I had a device that I can’t remember what, I found that had melted from a failed Lithium battery. They just have so much available energy in such a small package and ready to go at the slightest provocation. It was said on the news that there was a Cell Phone charging station on the boat and a ‘Stand Alone’ Lithium battery could have been used as the charging source. What are the chances of this battery being in the propane gas area, I don’t know. It was just mentioned about a Lithium battery possibility. I would doubt if the US Navy would decide to use Lithium Ion batteries in a submarine...the large driving batteries.



Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 11:04 pm
TRIVIA Follow up...

Of course one is not to just believe everything that may be posted on the web... but... ... 7044E8540B

But there is one little thing in here that describes the problem...the thin plastic sheet membrane separating the plates, that may be compromised and causes a short and the sudden resulting heat causing the explosion of the battery. And then of course the out right shorting of the battery terminals themselves. I did it, I know.


Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 3:33 pm

People die from not knowing this trivia, quite often. It was just last week or so that two were lost off the northern Florida coast. I will try to detail it – it may save someone’s life.

When I was 15 my parents bought a resort on the 3 rd largest lake in Minnesota, Leech lake. We had maybe twelve 16 and 18 foot wooden outboard boats. There were days that the waves were too high for anyone to be on the lake. The next door neighbor told me how to survive such conditions if I were to get caught in it. So I practiced this when I could get a chance. I would purposely go out on the lake in the highest waves I could, 10, 12, 15 foot waves. I soon realized how easy it was to do this, and not get a drop of water in the boat. But it was apparent that no one else would do this and were afraid to go out into such conditions. I would be the only person on the lake. One time a neighbor kid came down with an outboard motor and asked if I would take him out and let him try his new motor. The day was extra windy, we put his 1 and 1/2 horse Neptune motor on our biggest and heaviest 18 foot boat, and again there was just no one else on the lake. We went across the lake and beached on the other side for a while, and came back, with no water in the boat with that little dinky motor.

Fast forward to LA, California...A co worker and I in my boat, we were going Scuba diving off Catalina Island. It was a super bad day in the channel. We went to the trouble of getting to Long Beach and we were going not matter what. And I was checking out my new Heath Kit Radio Direction Finder that I had just built. We crossed the channel with no trouble and did not see another boat on the water. When we arrived at Avalon, we were met by the Coast Guard. They asked it we had just came from the mainland? Why yes. They said that we were only boat that had come across the channel that morning and wanted to inspect the boat for safety. There was not a bit of water in the boat. But I did get a ticket, a warning ticket for having the wrong type of Fire Extinguisher. Mine was not a ‘Dry Chemical’ type. That Radio Direction Finder worked perfectly, with no detectable error. I still have it, I’ll attach a photo. Now-a-days fancier ones cost hundreds of dollars.

Yes, people die because of capsizing boats in rough water unnecessarily. Of course there are others that know how not to die, but those are not heard of. With me some kind of boat power is required and I would not know how if in a sail boat without an auxiliary power motor. Okay, simple...after a little practice. Stay in the bottom of the trough, use the power and direction to stay there. Don’t let the boat get to the top of a wave. One can have some control over the overall direction that can be had, but not all. Don’t worry about not being able to go in a direction that one may wish. One can go to the right or to the left at any angle, with enough power or straight ahead but not go behind you. One can have a cup of coffee and not spill a drop. Now this is in even seas, not where there may be a confluence of seas like the end of an Island or something. Two coworker when I was working in Guam went fishing and went to the north end of the Island and into the waters where the water from both sides of the Island met and became fish food. Anyone that has been stationed at Anderson AFB in Guam will be aware of this. I have never been in the waters off the eastern coast of Florida, but I’ll bet that there is a lot of these types of situations with the fast flow or water going north.

Funny thing about the fishing season here in is 365 days long. And a fishing license cost me a dollar a year.

I'll try later to post photo. I had to shrink it.
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Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 7:17 pm

A very interesting posting on Cast Boolits....on ‘Black Powder Paper Patching’, “What a difference .080 “ makes.” I have a felling that the comment made by ‘HUVIUS’ just may be right. It makes sense to me. May be .090” will do even better. And I think that the same principle may work on regular Paper Patching for all.


Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 4:47 pm
TRIVIA – What’s new?

On that current capsized boat in Georgia....That looks like to me may be a gross miscalculation of a Load Master. A Land Sea Cargo Ship just has to have some help in capsizing in calm seas I would think. Ship Sailors should equate to this. Normal regular ships and boats have a certain maximum design of list angle before capsizing, but with these cargo ships that will vary with loading of course. There is the possibility that It may be the fault of the pilot and let it be grounded. The news pictures of the ship just looks funny to me.

I wonder when ‘they’ will finally understand the advantage of a Tri-Hull. In military ships they will survive battle damage better. In cargo and cruise ships they will be better to withstand high seas and shallow water groundings. When I was kid, I wanted to put 16 foot boats an the sides of an 18 foot boat and my dad wouldn’t let me.

When I first arrived in Subic Bay in the PI, in the fall of 66, there was an old concrete ship made by Kiaser anchored in the Bay. And one time In Thailand I saw a boat building works where they were building sailboats out of chicken wire and concrete. I have never really found out how these work out, but the principal to me seems valid and cheap, mainly cheap.

One time I spent six days on a Kiaser ship, the USS General Muir, In a storm in the north Atlantic, with the bow going beneath the waves. We would look out of a hatch and have to close it when a wave would awash the deck. What kind of seas would this take, 30 foot maybe? I think it had a three cylinder engine. We had anchored off Newfoundland and on lifting anchor the anchor motor loading would increase so much doing the wave action that the motor burned out. I would assume that there would have been a better procedure for doing this, but it wasn’t done. I watched men take 24 hours to replace this motor... a big motor.

By the way, I crossed the Pacific Ocean either 24 or 26 times from 66 to 95. Can the average sailor say this, and I was never in the Navy?


Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 4:55 pm

What in the world could this be?


Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:43 am
TRIVIA – You are lucky. I just graduated to a Walking Stick. I cracked a vertebrae in my back in January, was in a wheel chair for a month in a rehab center, had to sleep in a recliner for three months, couldn’t get in and out of a bed, and used a walker until just a couple of days ago. Now I can do things like work in my shop, refinish gun stocks, make tools, make more Black Powder, pistol grips from Denim, wood, and pine tree sap, DIY Amber. I have never tried this before. I can make my license free noise reducer that took me three months last fall to get the ATF to approve of. They were nice enough to let me make it through a loop-hole that I didn’t know of. I can take tele-photos of the moon, Saturn and bears.

I have a surplus Black Powder musket that says made at Harpers Ferry. The last time that I shot it was 70 years ago. Here is a fact that I believe to be true...that some will just say that it is unsafe to shoot these old fire arms. I think that they are just repeating rhetoric because others say it. And others say it just because they think so. Actually I think that there is a certain amount, but small, of age-hardening that happens in Carbon Steel as in most metal and metal alloys. I have never heard of Age-Softening in carbon steel. Yes, brittleness will accompany the age-hardening...’but’ I think that this is so little that it can be ignored. I am not saying that I will use 110 grains of black powder with a 400 grain Minnie Ball. And by all mean, if one doesn’t know enough to realize that this advice is just general in case of rusty bores where excess pressures may result, then they shouldn’t be playing with guns in the first place. I say lap and polish these old bores, and all bores and everyone will have a happier day. But there are so many people that are afraid to do this, not to a thousand or twelve hundred grit but just to six or eight hundred.

There is a water hole here that the bears come down to and have a drink every day and some set there and shoot them and think of themselves as big brave hunters. Well I know what I think of them as. Like the TV shows shooting photos of the deer hunters sitting in a blind and waiting until a deer comes by and shoots it. I think of this as so so rotten, then they are so proud that they do this and Hi-Five each other because they are able to shoot a deer from ambush at 25 yards away, and teach their kids that this is okay to do. What kind of people do such rotten things, I think that it is easy to put a name to that?

There are so many Funny Facts on the news, but I read the Forum rules as 'No politics'. What could be more funny?

Yes, you are lucky. Now I will have less time for writing about trivia.


Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:17 pm
by Mashuga
I'm glad you're mobile again and able to get back to some more of your hobbies. I hope you still find time to post some of your thoughts. I'm sure I'm not the only one here that enjoys reading them.