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Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 8:36 pm
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Near Moab, Utah...The Lion’s Back...Went back 4 years ago and it was closed to traffic...Too many people killed...I wonder why that may be... I guess too many people didn’t know how to drive.


Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 12:40 am

Okay, it’s back to square one with the bullet lube game. The other day I thought that I had found a simple way, but oh no, not to be. When I was dipping the bullets into my Polyurethane after warming them up in the toaster oven...I was using a five year old can, or older. It had dried out and thickened up a bit. I just bought a new can...Now it is so thin that there is very little left on the bullet, with the bullet at room temperature. What do I do, put them in the refrigerator or freezer first. I think that there must be a better way yet. Just start all over from scratch.

I like the shake in the can idea, but shake with something that I can make, maybe. A few years ago I tried a one-part epoxy spray-can paint. I didn’t like that. A while back I saw where Rapid Rob did this with a two part mix, but I can’t find that again. Tonight I tried to die my Polyurethane so I could get an idea of just how much covering that I was getting...couldn’t find a working dye. I have the colored set of Epoxy Dyes somewhere to try. If that doesn’t work my next thing to try is some One-Part Epoxy colored paint or a colored Polyurethane paint and do the ‘shake in a can’ thing. I keep looking at the sap running out of the pine trees. I have experimented with that and there may be something there.


Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 6:17 pm

Conundrums...Brown bores...Pawn Shops.

I know that it is done but why?????? All my life, all the time, every time I look at a gun bore in a Pawn Shop it either shows small flecks of bore powder fouling or a brown or grey bore. It is as if there is a ‘written’, hard-fast rule amongst Pawn Shop owners to not clean gun barrels that come into in their shop. The only reason that I can think of for this is to let a potential buyer know that they haven’t done anything to make the gun look more appealing, that they haven’t done anything to make it look better...a form of ‘honesty’,???? The old saying, “We won’t lie to make you buy.” I don’t think that this is becoming of a Pawn Shop owner. One can see it all of the time with inquiring on a gun purchase by mail, “What color is the bore?” It takes 10 minute max to polish a bore to nice and shiny. There is something wrong somewhere if a potential gun buyer is going to suspect a gun seller to be dishonest if the bore is nice and shiny. Am I overlooking something?

As far as I am concerned every gun bore deserves polishing with 3M 800 Wet-n-Dry and 3 in 1 Oil. Unless of course it has already been done by someone or a custom barrel maker. I know, there are some that do not believe that this should be done. That is their problem.

I’ll just add that I think that this should be the first step in bullet lubing. If a bore is polished with 800 grit with 3M Wet-n- Dry....then Just about any bullet lubing will work by reducing bore leading. I think that that is the purpose for bullet lubing. When I first bought the Italian 7.35 ammo made in 1939 I noticed the lube on the bullets, some kind of almost dry lube. I would like to see this type of lube for sale. Maybe it is. I just don’t know about it if it is. It is some kind of petroleum product. It’s out there somewhere. I will assume that it is something like the lube on regular .22 Rimfire ammo.


Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2019 1:23 pm
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TRIVIA – Off Topic Trivia...

This is just ‘For What it’s Worth’ trivia...and definitely ‘Off Topic’. I just saw on TV for the first time the other day an ad for Glucosamine for Pets. Five years ago we decided to give our doggy a third of one of these Tablets every day. She is a 45 pound dog that is highly susceptive to Hip Dysplasia and is now 14...but she now runs and romps like a 5 year old dog. And I just know that if she knew that we have been giving this to her that she would love us for it.


Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2019 6:00 pm
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Does anyone else here have this Campaign Ribbon?


Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2019 8:58 pm
by 72 usmc
That is an old timers UN Korean service ribbon. My dad's brother, but he's dead.
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Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 9:05 am
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Yep. and I resemble that remark only I hain’t dead yet...came close to it more than once. This is the other Korean Ribbon that I had. The reason that I mentioned it, I was watching an old rerun of MASH and Radar was wearing one.


Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 10:01 am
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One of the times was the very night after I took this picture. I had a room mate who was a Navy Ensign and the OIC of a Marine Forward Observer Team...I just went with them one time. The Navy Coxswain of the landing craft hit the sand bottom and we had to wade in to the beach. I didn’t have to carry anything so I went first.

We were all sleeping on the beach and in the middle of the night a US Navy A4 from a Carrier just heard that they were some ‘people’ on the beach and the pilot thought that he should just make a pass and shoot us. A 20 mm slug hit the sand 6 inches from me and woke me one was hit.

Later the team was making a landing by helicopter and a VC mortar hit the chopper right as they touched down and killed 7 of the team of 13, including my room mate and the chopper crew of 3. I made an etching of his name from the Vietnam Memorial.

My first job out of the Air Force was with Douglas Air Craft and I helped build those A4’s.


Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 6:57 am
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Remember when I said that I had an encounter with some deadly Red Coral. Apparently all Red Coral in not dangerous, just some, or most...???? But this is a picture of the type that I touched off of a Palau Island while on a dive tour there. And then 'after' the first dive, the dive guide told us not to touch it. ... ORM=IRIBIP


Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2019 4:00 pm
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She is 14 years old and loves to run – she can run along with the car at 25 mph. I can only attribute this to the Glucosamine. She is an old timer that doesn’t know it..with the grey eyebrows. A big difference between her and me, I know it.

For what it’s a pet dog...a bunch.


Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 3:59 pm
Trivia ....

For what it’s worth...

If I were wanting to buy some more old fire arms which I have done in the past....I would have the C&R License, just pick out a small old retirement town and check in with the local Chief of Police and tell him what you have in mind, and just drive around the older housing areas and look for older people puttering around in their yard and just ask them if they have any old fire arms that they may wish to sell. Believe me, one will soon run out of money. A couple of times I even had the Chief of Police sign a little letter of consent for me dong this. It works....


Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2019 5:10 pm
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TRIVIA - - For What It’s Worth...

Out of the Box...Apple Charcoal for making Black Powder...

Wood Sugar – the kind of sugar in the wood sap and plant fiber...Xylose, C5H10O5.
Table Sugar – Sucrose, C12H22O11, the kind of sugar in regular sugar cane and sugar beets.
My idea of the commercial manufactures of their Black Powders are their main concerns with uniformity, repeatability and availability of the wood. I sure don’t know enough to know about using the different sugars for making Black Powder. But I am aware that most popular makers of Black Powder do not use a willow wood which for some reason seems to be thought of by some as a better wood for making Black Powder. I have used willow and have found no reason to think this...fact is just the opposite. I have used a wood called ‘Seep Willow’ which is not a Willow at all but seams to work very good...noticeable better than GOEX. My two ways of testing my Black Powder is to just compare velocities with the GOEX in a loading and just pour two little lines out of each, GOEX and mine and see which burns the faster and also compare one of my powders with another. I have seen it said that some fellow has said that he thought that making Black Powder is an “Art”, and I will agree with that.

Why some will think that Willow will make the better Black Powder is, I think, that this is just another example of, “If a lie is repeated often enough that it will become a truth.” some, just my opinion.

This is not meant to be any kind of disparagingly or an insult but this brings to mind where in an interview on TV I saw where Newt Gingrich was asked why he thought some will not agree to his way of looking at something...with his answer, “Look, it is not illegal to be stupid.” I just have not seen of anything where old Newt has said anything that I have disagreed with.

MY wife planted two dwarf apple trees 23 years ago and we have more apples than we know what to do with them most of the time, except about every five years when they take their ‘Rest’. I think that it is a wonderment just how these two trees talk it over and and decide to take their rest at the same time. Just like this year our local Oak and Wild Cherry Trees have decided to take their rest this year. We did not have a single acorn or wild cherry this year. Other wild berry bushes do not seem to be able to communicate with these two, nor our apple trees.

I just dried some apples and made some charcoal and I will go out on a limb, pun intended, and say that I think that again this will make a better Black Powder than the GOEX.

I think that there are many choices of charcoal sources for custom Black Powders that may be better than Willow, such as Sugar Maple, Corn Stocks, Soy Beans. and on and on. If I don’t forget next spring I will plant some seed corn and see what I can do with the stocks...and maybe even the charred corn.

Anyway...Apple pie, Apple Tarts, Apple Pandowdy...and gun powder from apples...why not?

Carbon is not the fuel in Black Powder, sugar is.


Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 3:00 pm

Let me just add this to my narrative of Black Powder. These are just my opinions and in no way meant to be any kind of authority, with emphasis.
I have no idea just why and how the idea of the willow wood was accepted as an ideal wood for making Black Powder charcoal. Though I can see why it is better than some other sources. As far as I am concerned the charcoal minus the sugars are just the vehicle for the sugars. If the charcoals are properly prepared then the extra ‘stuff’ will burn quickly and just get out of the way as smoke and soot.

In chemistry a basic feature is the ‘Balanced Equation’. This is to say when a chemical reaction has occurred only so much of the different components will react. I just think of this as having an ideal mixture of components where there is no more of one or more components for a good smooth reaction with nothing or not too much of something left over. In the case of Black Powder there is a lot this extra ‘stuff’ left over. This being mainly the impurities of the Potassium Nitrate, and all of the burnt and unburnt charcoal.

Even if all of the components of a Black Powder are ideally chosen for a Balanced Equation most reactions will not preform as ideal. And...if one’s Black Powder is not performing too well, just use more of it to get that bullet going on it’s way. One will just have to put up with all of that extra clean-up.

And I keep in mind, that the proper preparation of the charcoal in more important than it’s source. I have read that doing the Civil War a major southern Black Powder factory was set up in a grove of Cottonwood trees and used as its charcoal source.

Colonel George Rains took great pains to assure quality in producing gunpowder in Augusta, Georgia. One of the ingredients in black powder is nitre or saltpeter. This ingredient was in short supply and realizing nitre could be obtained from urine, Col. Rains put John Harrelson in charge of collection and wagons, with barrels, were sent throughout the city to collect it. Of course, it wasn’t long before the whole business led to a bawdy ballad.

John Harrelson, John Harrelson, you are a wretched creature,
You’ve added to this war a new and awful feature,
You’d have us think while every man is bound to be a fighter,
The ladies, bless their pretty dears, should save their p*** for nitre,
John Harrelson, John Harrelson, where did you get this notion,
To send your barrel around the town to gather up this lotion,
We thought the girls had work enough in making shirts and kissing,
But you have put the pretty dears to patriotic p***ing,
John Harrelson, John Harrelson, do pray invent a neater
And somewhat less immodest mode of making your saltpeter,
For "tis an awful idea, John, gunpowdery and cranky,
That when a lady lifts her skirt, she’s killing off a Yankee.

I made some from Cottonwood charcoal once and it worked just fine.

And all of these Black Powder substitutes are just for trying to make usable only the ‘good’ stuff in a powder mix, and again this being the sugars except for one I read as using small amounts of Nitroglycerin.

I have taken only four classes of college chemistry but wish that I had had the opportunity for more.


Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 10:45 pm
NOT TRIVIAL – Yes, way off topic but NOT Trivial....I was just reminded of this because of a five day stay in the hospital because of my fault. I have a bad habit of walking around in the house in my stocking feet and out on our deck. I stepped on something that punctured the bottom of a foot. It just bothered me for a few days and I very mistakenly let it get out of hand...just one morning I noticed that it had really gotten full-blown with infection. Luckily I had a good doctor that knew what he was doing. He pumped me full of intravenous antibiotics non stop for 5 days. That infection really liked what I had to feed it. A few years ago my son acquired an infection in a leg and it got out of hand and in five or six days he was dead. Another doctor in the clinic told my daughter afterwards that he could have saved him, they just didn’t’ treat the infection aggressively enough. Just another example of doctors mistakes being buried.

Anyway that is not the point of my topic – It is what they gave me to eat while I was in the hospital...I had asked for milk and they gave me 1% milk. I know enough to know that 1% milk is not healthy. A few months ago it was on the network news that some school system had quit serving the 1% milk in their meals and was now using the full milk...because the milk supplier realized that they may be responsible for a lawsuit down the line for supplying this 1% milk to the school and quit supplying it as unhealthy especially to young children. It made the news because too many parents have been dumbed-down enough and complained about this. Years ago when our two children was growing up we always used what was called ’Extra Rich Milk’ which was 6%. It cost an extra 2 cent per half gallon. The milk suppliers have run the successful scam now for years and made popular the 2% and the 1%. Why...they can take the extra cream or butterfat out of the regular milk and use in their ice cream and cheese, etc.?

So the bottom line is when the butterfat is taken out of milk the more it becomes a ‘sugar water’. Butterfat is a good fat, required in a healthy diet. We need a lot more fat than we could get from milk. What we don’t need is the higher percentage of sugar, the milk sugar. If that last little bit of calcium would be taken out of the non fat milk, one would be drinking a completely unhealthy sugar water. Nothing to give a growing child, or anyone for that matter. Yes, after I had asked for the full milk in the hospital, which they had, the Kitchen Nutritionist came by and asked me why. As she said, they have to have the 1% because some of the people have been so lead astray with bum-dope. As I will say, lack of knowledge and stupidity are ‘choices’....and they are here to stay.

I do not eat ‘ANY’ extra sugar and my glucose level still stays just below 100. Look at all of the Diabetes problems out it due to ‘lack of knowledge’ or ‘stupidity’? Most of it has to be because one of the two, or both.


Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2019 6:59 pm
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Local Elk season...Again they call it hunting...The state sells them...Nonresident, bulls for 660.00 and 495.00 for cows. Resident license is 53.00.

Some play a little game here, they see just how close they can get to an elk. The ultimate is that they can touch them before they run. I say that that is really sneaky. I haven't seen it.