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Range time last Sat

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Range time last Sat

#1 Post by Enfield Shooter » Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:30 pm

Last Saturday, I got to the range with good friends and some black powder rifles. My Springfield Trapdoor functioned flawlessly. I even hit the target more then a few times. The cloud of smoke was very satisfying as well. My remington rolling block was significantly less successful. The first round through the tube resulted in a broken case with one part in my hand, the other still in the tube .rying to remove the offending piece in the tube were fruitless. End of day with the rolling block! I then proceeded to discover no has a broken case extractor in .43 Spanish or anything close to that caliber. Fortunately for me, Burner provided a solution that I will share. Take a piece of material, think of a giant spitball, force it down the barrel and the broken case will come on out. Worked like a charm! Ohio Martini, Bryan Redmon also opined that the brass had become brittle with age and I should pull the bullet and anneal the brass. Given how much Jamison brass costs, I will be doing this in the very near future.
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