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Memphis Belle On Display At USAF Museum

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Re: Memphis Belle On Display At USAF Museum

#16 Post by SWIHARTMARK » Tue May 22, 2018 8:57 pm

I've been in the one in the mall and was highly impressed by the lobby as it contained the original Wright Flyer, The Spirit Of St. Louis, and the Apollo 11 capsule. As for the rest of the museum, the USAF Museum was better. While I saw parts of the Enola Gay at the Smithsonian, the USAF Museum has the entire Bock's Car, which dropped the second nuclear bomb. Additionally, a full scale Fat Man atomic bomb was displayed along side her. The museum on the mall is far too PC for that kind of display when I walked through it. I don't know how big the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum is in Chantilly, VA, from what I saw in magazines and on TV, the USAF Museum appears to dwarf it. Imagine approximately four times that size (It looks like it occupies the space of one hangar at the USAF Museum). The one in Chantilly does have plenty of non-military and non-USAF planes in it though. The USAF Museum does have an Air Force One collection. I think a real space shuttle is at Chantilly and the USAF Museum only has a full sized mock up.

I do want to see the museum in Chantilly more than the one on the mall from what I saw in the media. I also like naval aviation as well, but there is not much around here. The USAF Museum does have an army version on a Dauntless dive bomber in olive drab and a PBY Catalina still in naval blue colors. I do want to see the Concord in the Smithsonian at Chantilly. I once worked at JFK and saw them take off and land and they are pure pieces of art in the air and they have a grace all unto their own. The only thing similar I've seen was a SR-71 fly over me only a few hundred feet up at the the annual air show here in Dayton. It looked like a space craft, not an air craft.

Check out the USAF Museum's web site and see if it looks the same after 40 years.

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