German WW1 trench knife (?)

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German WW1 trench knife (?)

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Anther one from my small ww1 collection.
German troops during ww1 used different types of assault knives. The blade has 174 mm. The blade is very strong and wide 6-4 mm.There is script BESTSILVERSTAHL on the blade.
I can not confirm that the knife is used to be a part of combat equipment during ww1, so I put the question mark.
M67/ Franko
ww1 nemec noz.jpg
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noz lovski ww1 bestsilverstahl.jpg
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Re: German WW1 trench knife (?)

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I had not seen this variation. Could it be a personal enhancement ? Is the scabbard a standard type or some other variation. The ones I have had/have have wooden grips
with diagonal slash marks similar to the WWI bayonet Scabbard is a metal sheath with an attached leather frog with a snap for securing the blade. Scabbards are mostly
painted black

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