IMR Powder Recall.....

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IMR Powder Recall.....

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Saw this on another forum.


IMR Legendary Powders is officially announcing a product safety warning and recall notice for IMR 4007SSC smokeless powder. All lots of powder are included in the recall. IMR has received reports that this particular powder, sold in 1 pound and 8 pound containers, could become unstable due to possible rapid deterioration. Use of this product may result in combustion, fire damage and/or possible serious injury.

What to do:

If you are in possession of IMR 4007SSC, STOP USING THE

PRODUCT IMMEDIATELY! Fill the powder container with water, which will render

the product inert and safe for disposal.

Mail, email or fax a copy of the powder label with the lot number to the contact

information below, and include your name, address, phone and email.

You may select a replacement IMR smokeless powder product of your choice, which will

be shipped to you at no charge.

If you have loaded the powder subject to this recall into ammunition, we recommend that

you pull the bullets, remove the powder and wet the powder with water for safe disposal.

IMR deeply regrets any inconvenience this may cause, but we believe in safety first.

Contact information: Hodgdon Powder Company, Inc., 6430 Vista Drive, Shawnee, KS 66218, email,, call 1-800-622-4366 or 913-362-9455 and fax 913-362-1307.

ETA: The lot numbers are: 10130139, 10131139, 10429139, 10430139, 80425139, and 80426139. The lot numbers are printed in black on the side of the container label that is printed mostly in red lettering.
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Re: IMR Powder Recall.....

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Thank you,

This is NUTS :shock: :o :snooty:
may result in spontaneous combustion, fire damage or possible serious injury. ... sc-powder/
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