Considering a Brownells BRN-10A, need advice.

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Considering a Brownells BRN-10A, need advice.

Post by KJakker »

Hello, it has been awhile since I have been on Surplus Rifle Forum.

I am considering buying a Brownells BRN-10A rifle. I have been watching reviews of the BRN-10A and shooting matches preformed with it on the "Forgotten Weapons" and "InRangeTV" YouTube channels. However I also have some reservation due to some personal experience with AR platforms. My hope is that I can get some advice to work out what my issues are before I spend any money.

Here is the issue I have. When ever I have held an AR-15 style rifle in a gun store it always feels awkward or uncomfortable when I bring it up to my shoulder in a shooting position. I have experienced the same feeling when shooting my brother's Ruger SR-556 and a couple of AR's that a family friend owns in 5.56mm NATO and 6.5mm Grendel. Note that all of these rifles had the M4 style sliding buttstock.

As a contrasting example I find these four semi-auto rifles, my M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, SKS, and Marlin Model 60, as well these four bolt action rifles, my M1903A3 Springfield, K31 Schmidt-Rubin, M91/30 Mosin-Nagant, and G.33/40 Mauser to all feel quite nice when I bring them up to my shoulder and look through the sights.

Now recently I had the chance to find one AR in a store that had a classic fixed stock, although I do not know weather it was an A1 or an A2 stock. This rifle felt a little better to me but still felt off. Since I held it a thought has occurred to me. Most modern AR platforms do not have the classic carry handle which means that the iron sights are lower relative to the top of the stock compared to the rise to the top of the receiver on an M1 Garand, the BRN-10 has the older top of the carry handle/charging handle guard layout which may fix this, hence my interest.

The other thought I had was the position of the pistol grip on the AR vs. the other rifles. My right hand is normally just in front of and below my right eye when holding other rifles but on an AR it seems to be father away from my face and at least with an M4 style stock and grip the rest of my right arm feels out of position. I some times think I may just have longer arms than average.

Any advice on what my issue with comfortably shouldering an AR pattern rifle may be.

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Re: Considering a Brownells BRN-10A, need advice.

Post by Charles Lipscomb »

Yeah I got nothing. :)
But I understand your dilemma.
You can add length to your stock. Get thinner or fatter grips.
You may just have to adapt to the rifle.
My model 1917 for example, I dont know where to put my trigger hand. I can't get a full wrap around the stock. But j think that's related to a problem in my shoulder.
Since surgery a few years back I have slowly lost some range of motion in my arm.
I would hit the gun sops and shows to find an AR 10 that fit. Or was close enough to my needs then build the brn 10 to match.
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Re: Considering a Brownells BRN-10A, need advice.

Post by sowbelle »

My only advise is to go to gunshows.
there are hundreds of venders with all different kinds and styles of the AR platform.
walk around, kickin tires so to say, and try them all, making a mental or written notes on the platforms.
Some gun stores dont like you to do that but at shows, a different story.

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Re: Considering a Brownells BRN-10A, need advice.

Post by MAC702 »

I almost ordered one of these when two of my buddies did two years ago. After seeing theirs, I'm very glad I didn't. I was very unimpressed with the appearance, fit, and finish, and especially with the front sight. We were not able to get mechanical zeros on their rifles, and the front sights are fixed. If that's how the originals were, what a bummer.

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