speed loader for the GSG Stg 44 .22 mag......OH YEEAH!!

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speed loader for the GSG Stg 44 .22 mag......OH YEEAH!!

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guys, if you have a .22 you know what a PIA it is to load those tiny rounds in a magazine by hand :cry:

last year before X-mas I saw a ingenious speed loader for .22 magazines, that blew me away, made by a company called McFadden Machine out of Pa. this loader is a must have if you own a mag fed .22, especially if it's a high capacity mags. it loads .22 mags quickly and easily :D

they make 20+ adapters for various magazines, and since I have a GSG 522 (MP5) .22 I ordered the loader and the adapter for it, and was looking for a GSG Stg 44 adapter, but they don't make them :cry: . But, undaunted I know that all .22 feed towers are all the same, doesn't matter what gun you have the feed tower will be all exactly the same. so I though if I could find something that closely matched the position of the MP44 feed tower on the body of the mag I probably can modify it to work,

it was either that or go on hoping/wishing they would come out with one, and you know what they say about wishing?


so I order a AR15 .22 conversion adapter, from the picture that seemed to be close enough to where the feed tower is to a Stg 44 mag that I can modify.

after studying how the loader and adapter works together, I set on modifying the AR adapter for the MP44 mag.

I had to "heavily" modify the AR adapter...………...but the end result is this, not pretty, but it works. only one misfeed out of 22 rounds.

so now I will be able to take the gun to the range much more then I ever did since I bought it. I believe I took it out 3 or 4 times since I bought it 3 years ago

the thing that was tedious was loading the mag with those small .22 round by hand was what kept me from taking it out. but now? look out baby :mrgreen:

I kinda suspect the reason they don't make a Stg 44 adapter is because you would need to shave off about 1/16 or so, from the front top part of the magazine, in order for the mag to sit high in the adapter so it could be in the right position to load the rounds.

Ideally, I was looking at shaving that bit off from the loader itself, but where I would have to shave that bit off was where the "locking gate" was located in. so that wasn't feasible as it would eliminate the housing and possibly damage the "locking gate".

I don't think that McFadden would start from scratch redesigning a entire new loader just for one magazine

where I ended up having to shaving off that tiny bit on the mag does not affect the function of the mag in the gun, in any way. but some people would cringe and go into convolutions if they had to do that in order for to work. :lol:
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