"Snap this one up!"

Gew88, Gew98, Kar98 etc.
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"Snap this one up!"

Post by Rapidrob »

I'm holding a Snap Shoot this month. 50,62,70 and 75 yards. 20 shots with a maximum of three seconds allowed for each shot at the four targets.
The shooter will be at the carry stance and given the order to shoot.
I tried several rifles and carbines that seemed to point well as there will be no time to use the sights.
What I found works very well and naturally points to the target as it is mounted is the GEV 88 Carbine. Even with its front sight protecting wings, the little carbine was on target every time.
These carbines were issued to Artillery and Calvary troops and soon became very popular with the troops all throughout the Army. I can see why.
It is lightweight, has a decent trigger pull and is very accurate.
My carbine has not been molested nor has it been converted for clip loading and a Spitzer bullet. It dose has the "S" throat. No Turk marks and is all matching.
The carbine has a bright bore and has been fired a lot in its life.
I'm able to keep the fired shots in the center of the man silhouette will no issues.
If you get a chance to shoot this carbine quickly at a known distance target, you may see why the GEV 88 was so in demand by the troops.
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Re: "Snap this one up!"

Post by DaleH »

I’ll admit ... I had to look that one up!

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Re: "Snap this one up!"

Post by slowbob2 »

The carbine is known as the Kar-88 . The Kar-88 was not issued to the artillery , they got the Gew-91 . The Kar-88 was not issued to regular army troops , they used the Gew-88 . No Gew-88's were ever given the 05 update for clip loading . No Kar-88's went to Turkey , so none are Turk marked . The original 05 update had nothing to do with the S ammo . Original 05's have a rear sight set up for the P-88 ammo and a notch cut in the receiver to clear the longer P-88 cartridge with the round nose bullet .

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