Got Mold?

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Got Mold?

Post by Rapidrob »

If you collect old military pistols and their holsters you have found you have mold on the leather after a few years.
I have two holsters that have been pulling my chain for 50 years now. I have tried Alcohol, Lemon juice, leather preservatives ( nothing that will hurt the original finish) and leaving the holster in a very dry area.
Nothing stopped the mold/mildew until today. The problems with mold and mildew is not that you didn't clean the surface well, you cannot get to and remove all of the spores. It is impossible to get into every pore of the leather ( pigskin being the worst) You must kill the spores in order to get rid of the mold / mildew.
How to do this without damaging the leather or the hosteler finish? HEAT.
I've been collecting firearms for 57 years now. I never heard of this before. You place the holster on a rack in your oven or in my case a toaster oven from Salvation Army with the thermostat set to 250 degree F for 15 to 20 minutes. That is all you have to do! Keep the temp to 250 and no hotter you can crack the finish of the holsters leather!
Do not use a microwave oven. Think about it?
After the holster leaves the oven you will see the mold /mildew is dead and gone.
This tip works so well is you have to see it for yourself. It really works.
Here is a WWII Pigskin Luger hostler that was covered in mold / mildew before and after. I have NOT wiped the holster down. At this point you can do what you'd like to the leather. The mold/mildew is dead and gone. Give it a try.
Luger holster1.jpg
Luger holster1.jpg (173.52 KiB) Viewed 2499 times
Luger holster2.jpg
Luger holster2.jpg (171.47 KiB) Viewed 2499 times
Luger holster3.jpg
Luger holster3.jpg (139.24 KiB) Viewed 2499 times
Luger holster4.jpg
Luger holster4.jpg (147.84 KiB) Viewed 2499 times
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Re: Got Mold?

Post by HectorFuego »

Great tip. Never heard that one before.

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Re: Got Mold?

Post by vandle »

Thanks for the tip

thats news to me as well
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Re: Got Mold?

Post by shoot4fun »

cheers! thanks. I have a few old slings and holsters to try.

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