Enfield No2Mk1

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Enfield No2Mk1

Post by jaytex1969 »

So, I have this old gun...... :roll:

About 3 years ago, I snagged this revolver from a local pawn shop. Being primarily a bolt action rifle guy, I was flying blindly.

It's in really good condition, but it does seem to have a mechanical issue.
The hammer will not go back when the action is closed and the cylinder is properly aligned.

If the break action is open or the cylinder is between chambers, the hammer functions.

Technical info has been scarce. To add to the challenge, my understanding is that these were pre-"standardized" parts manufacturing, to an extent, and many pieces were hand fitted by competent craftspeople.

So, it's basically been a nice paperweight while in my possession.

If anyone can direct me to helpful info or resources, I'd be grateful.



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Re: Enfield No2Mk1

Post by lewwallace »

It's not that your revolver isn't a nice example or that the post is uninteresting it's as you observed, there is not a dearth of collected written info about them.
It's out there and the Enfields have their aficionados...just not as big a following as their snobby cousins the Webleys!!

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Re: Enfield No2Mk1


I would contact a good gunsmith if you really like the pistol. I had to go to Jack First for parts for my Enfield revolver. Wow, yours has a hammer spur. I have the "tankers" model. I'm guessing you got a tiny part inside the works to the trigger that is busted. Taking it apart is aways fun and getting it back together is often more fun. I'm sure a gun smith has a better idea of what to look for than both of us. Numrich might have a schematic you could view on the pistols parts. Also do some goggling around and something might pop up. A online group dedicated them might know your problem straight away.

Here's to you getting it up and running again.

Best Regards.


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