Mauser K98 Bolt Stop

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Mauser K98 Bolt Stop

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Hi, I was wondering if anybody could help me. I have a Mauser K98 that I have been working on, I only had to replace a few parts like the trigger guard which had some pretty bad rust pitting and the magazine spring which somebody had soldered back together with brass at some point. The only problem I have is with the bolt stop, the old bolt stop was pitted and looked like it needed to be replaced. So I bought a new one that looks way better with no rust on it whatsoever. However it did not have an ejector in it, so I managed to get the ejector out of the old one which is in pretty good shape to put in the new one. But apparently the only way to put the ejector inside the bolt stop is to take the bolt stop cover off. This is where it gets seriously frustrating, I have been trying to remove the bolt stop cover for awhile now and it will not budge. I saw on another forum somewhere a guy talking about removing the bolt stop cover and another guy suggested to not remove it because the cover can break easily. But that doesn't really help, I have soaked it in Kano Kroil before and tried tapping it out with a punch but still will not come out. I was wondering if there is some kind of special tool that will remove it. I mean there has to be a way to remove it. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Mauser K98 Bolt Stop

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I have been able to get the extraction flat piece out w/o removal of the cover. It depends on the amount of dirt and it goes back in under the spring with some force. Have it well greased. You need a rubber tip needle nose to get it back in at an angle. under the spring tension. These parts can have slight variations. If you must, see these pictures:

This guy did not take the cover off
Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 6.45.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 6.46.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 6.44.56 PM.png
see this source:
also see 44-47 on this link :arrow: :arrow: ... /index.asp

Or... make life easy and buy a complete spare part again if it does not go in w/o cover removal. Is the spring bent or damaged or a ton of rusty gunk in the assembly?
:idea: Best said instructions are here: ... tor-spring
The ejector box actually houses two springs. One is the ejector spring, meant to push the ejector lever into the groove at the front end of the bolt so it hits the bottom of the cartridge for ejection. This spring is usually not visible from the outside unless you peek through the slot at the backside of the ejector box (facing the receiver). The second spring is the main spring used for the bolt stop mechanism. That is the spring that forces the ejector box back against the receiver after you removed or re-inserted the bolt.

On most K98 rifles I have seen, main spring and ejector spring were one single unit. They are available online and go anywhere between $5 and $20. On some older K98, the main spring and ejector spring were separate. There was one of those spring for sale on feeBay a while ago. Here's a link to a spring that combines main spring and ejector spring as a single unit:

In any case, the main spring needs to be removed. It's held in place by a tongue and groove arrangement and needs to be tapped out of the ejector box toward the muzzle end. DON'T do this with the ejector box still installed on the rifle, remove it first. NEVER let any metal part of the rifle touch metal harder than brass or you will gouge the metal and significantly reduce collector value. You can only destroy original parts once, from there on there's no turning back and the damage is done. Rifles don't have UNDO buttons!

Some friendly advice: If you don't have brass punches, hardwood pieces or aluminum soft jaws for your vise, don't even think about doing anything to your rifle or you will regret it faster than you can say "crap".
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