NM MILSURPS Rapid fire Match

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NM MILSURPS Rapid fire Match

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This month ( June) I will be holding our Rapid Fire Match at 300 meters. Many of the bolt guns are zeroed to 300 meters for the close range.
All issued,non-bubba'd rifles and carbines are allowed. No optic other than a non-magnifying Red-Dot are allowed on the semi auto platforms.
This will be a prone match with as many rounds you can let fly in 60 seconds. Scores will be determined by rounds fired/hits on the British WWII rapid fire target painted on our AR-550 steel plate.
Semi-auto firearms will be scored in their own class compared to bolt guns.
Last year we had many bolt gun shooters approaching 20 hits in 60 seconds. Lets see if we can beat those scores.
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